Moving particles and the topographic bed under muddy water or in sediment-laden flow are often clouded by suspended sediments, making it hard to detect or analyze for visualization. This paper concerns applications of ultrasound imaging measurement method for the visual measurement of related water-sand parameters during sediment transport process in hydraulic model experiments. We use a B-mode ultrasound imaging system to measure the related parameters of suspended sediment concentration (SSC), underwater topographic riverbed, flow velocity and sediment incipient motion, conducted at a water channel. A comprehensive measuring system for the visualization of multiple water-sand parameters is established. Results show that the measurement and analysis of SSC and its space distribution, topography bedform, flow velocity and flow field, and sediment incipient velocity can be realized. Ultrasound imaging measurements of SSC and their space distribution can be shown in real time, and also dynamic monitoring and analysis of sediment incipient motion and topography bedform during the sediment transport process. This method realizes the experimental visualization of the topographic bed and sediment-laden flow. Application of an ultrasound imaging measurement system has promoted the development of sediment movement law research and related hydraulic model experiment measurement technique.

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