A numerical modelling of flow dynamics in a tidal river mouth of comprehensive morphology is assumed to be one of the most effective methods of both scientific research and civil engineering projects. Realistic results of simulations can be obtained only on the basis of field observations. This approach is realized for a 2D hydrodynamic model of the Northern Dvina River mouth area. The Northern Dvina delta has a very complicated distributary network and suffers from both spring snow-melt floods and autumn storm surges. The STREAM_2D software package based on the 2D shallow water equations was used for the model development. The model was calibrated and validated on the background of water level data at state gauges and special water discharges measurements in the essential delta branches during the semi-diurnal tidal cycles. Sensitivity tests were provided to evaluate the most significant reasons for model errors. It was discovered that the distribution of roughness coefficients amidst delta channels and floodplain does not affect the flow dynamics in the delta significantly. However, the tidal range variations over a neap-spring cycle and mean sea level changes along the delta marine edge are of major importance.

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