A new coupled finite-volume scheme based on the Augmented Roe solver adapted to simulate morphological evolution of arbitrary cross-sections is presented. In pure hydrodynamic conditions, the Augmented Roe scheme has proven to provide accurate results and a constant discharge in steady-flow conditions. Here, this scheme is extended to solve the one-dimensional Saint-Venant–Exner system of equations written for arbitrary cross-sections. Therefore, new eigenvalues and source-term calculations are proposed to account for the irregular shape of the cross-sections. The performances of the proposed scheme are assessed by comparison with three different one-dimensional numerical models aimed at simulating morphological changes, with coupled or uncoupled approaches, and based on HLL or Roe-based flux calculations. Numerous test cases were examined, including water at rest, steady flows and transient flows for which experimental results exist. The results show that the proposed scheme provides stable and accurate results for a wider range of situations than is available with other classical models.

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