Real-time flood forecasting requires accurate and reliable estimates of the uncertainty to make efficient flood event management strategies. However, the accuracy of flood forecasts can be severely affected by errors in the estimates of sediment yield in the loess region. To improve the accuracy of sediment-laden flood forecasts generated using streamflow-sediment coupled (SSC) model, an error feedback correction method based on the dynamic system response curve (DSRC) is proposed. The physical basis of the system response curve is the sediment concentration of the hydrological model. The theoretical basis of the method is the differential of the system response function of the sediment yield time series. The effectiveness of DSRC method is evaluated via an ideal case and three real-data cases with different basin scales of the Yellow River. Results suggest that the DSRC method can effectively improve the accuracy and stability of sediment transport forecasts by providing accurate estimates of the sediment yield errors. The degree of forecast improvement is scale dependent and is more significant for larger basins with lower rain gauge densities. Besides, the DSRC method is relatively simple to apply without the need to modify either the model structure or parameters in real-time flood forecasting.

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