This paper describes the development of mathematical models, which represent static and dynamic properties of the AQUAI-MOD® hydraulic controller coupled with a standard pressure reducing valve (PRV) as well as a new experimental set-up for testing the controller and calibrating and validating the models. The purpose of the AQUAI-MOD® controller is to modulate the PRV outlet pressure according to the valve flow. The controller has been experimentally tested to assess its operation in different conditions and operating ranges and in all cases showed good performance. The mathematical models of the PRV and its controller have been developed and solved using the Mathematica software package to represent both steady state and dynamics conditions. The numerical results of simulation of the mathematical model have been compared with experimental data and showed a good agreement in magnitude and trends. The model can be used to simulate the behaviour of the PRV and the AQUAI-MOD® hydraulic controller in typical network applications. It can also be used at the design stage to size the controller components and to compute the required set points for the minimum and the maximum pressure before installing the controller in the field.

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