A general solution is obtained for laminar flow in axisymmetric pipes, allowing for prescribed timedependent viscosity and time-dependent pressure gradients. In both cases, the only restriction on the prescribed time dependence is that it must vary continuously; it is not necessary for rates of change to be continuous. The general solution is obtained using the Finite Hankel Transform method. This makes it possible to allow explicitly for time-dependent viscosity, but it does not permit the spatial dependence of viscosity. This contrasts with Laplace transforms, which allow spatial, but not general, temporal variations. The general solution is used to study a selection of particular flows chosen to illustrate distinct forms of physical behaviour and to demonstrate the ease with which solutions are obtained. The methodology is also applied to the simple case of constant (Newtonian) viscosity. In this case, it yields the same solutions as previously published methods, but it does so in a much simpler manner.

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