This study presents the Yuqiao Reservoir Water Quality Model (YRWQM), a three-dimensional hydrodynamic and water quality model of the Yuqiao reservoir, China. The YRWQM was developed under the environmental fluid dynamics code (EFDC) model and was calibrated and verified to hydrodynamic and water quality data, using two sets of observed data from January 1 to December 31, 2006 and from May 1 to October 31, 2007, respectively. The primary hydrodynamic and transport driving forces are inflows/outflows and surface wind stresses. Considering effects of water transfer and wind on the advection-dispersion processes, the model results showed better agreements with observed data in the reservoir. The YRWQM predicted the variations of water quality resulting from agricultural pollution which flowed into the reservoir with floods lasting for 12 days in 2009. The results indicated that the concentrations of chemical oxygen demand and total nitrogen were increased 225 and 314%, respectively. Considering the interactions between chlorophyll-a and nitrogen in the model, the results indicated the reservoir was not a nitrogen-limited environment. We suggest the management should focus on agricultural pollution strategies for the reservoir during the flood period. The YRWQM could be a useful tool for water sources management in the reservoir.

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