Following the release of the OpenMI 2.0 standard for model coupling with reference object classes (interfaces) in C# and Java, a set of tools including a Software Development Kit (SDK) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) is expected to accompany it. These are necessary to enable numerical model developers to easily adapt their models to become OpenMI compliant and to allow modellers to easily assemble and run compositions of them. FluidEarth 2 is an HR Wallingford initiative providing these open source tools for the .net 4.0 Framework together with training, community support and sample models. They are the only such open source tools available so in this sense they act as the reference SDK and GUI for OpenMI 2.0 with .net. The purpose of this paper is to outline these and demonstrate a set of examples. A series of components were successfully constructed and compositions built. These include training models designed to demonstrate different aspects of model coupling, moving to industry strength model codes simulating dam-break bathymetry updates. The FluidEarth 2 tools have been designed to be cross-platform and have been tested under Windows and Linux (using Mono). Usage is successfully demonstrated, providing an environment for integrated modelling with OpenMI 2.0.

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