Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been widely used for spatial data manipulation for hydrologic model operations and as a supporting tool to develop spatial decision support systems (SDSS). Information technologies, including GIS and the Internet, have provided opportunities to overcome many of the limitations of computer-based models in terms of data preparation and visualisation, and provide the possibility to create integrated SDSS. This paper examines the relationship between changes in GIS technology and watershed management SDSS. It also describes a conceptual web-based SDSS framework in terms of system components and data flow. A prototype watershed management web-based SDSS that utilises the conceptual framework is examined (URL: The SDSS uses web-GIS for watershed delineation, map interfaces and data preparation routines, a hydrologic model for hydrologic/water quality impact analysis and web communication programs for Internet-based system operation. The web-based SDSS can be helpful for watershed management decision-makers and interested stakeholders. The watershed management SDSS also provides insight into the role of GIS and information technologies in creating readily accessible and useable SDSS capabilities.

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