Released flows from the Sidi Salem Dam Reservoir on the Medjerda River (Northern Tunisia) were routed downstream along the river lower water course using both hydrologic and hydraulic flood routing techniques. The hydrologic flood routing method used is that of Muskingum while the hydraulic flood routing procedure used a numerical model RUFICC (Routing Unsteady Flows In Compound Channels). The model is based on the complete numerical solution of St. Venant equations using a four-point implicit finite difference scheme. Compared to observed hydrographs at downstream sections, a better agreement was achieved using the hydraulic flood routing technique. Statistical parameters and scattergrams were used to test and confirm this agreement.

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Present address: Département des Sciences de la terre, Facultédes sciences de Sfax, Route Sokra, Km 3,5 BP 802, 3018 Sfax, Tunisia.