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Research Article February 22 2021
Introducing an economic agricultural water distribution in a hyper-arid region: a case study in Iran
Research Article February 22 2021
Control theory-based data assimilation for hydraulic models as a decision support tool for hydropower systems: sequential, multi-metric tuning of the controllers
Research Article February 22 2021
The potential of ensemble WT-EEMD-kernel extreme learning machine techniques for prediction suspended sediment concentration in successive points of river
Research Article February 5 2021
Uncertainty analysis of monthly river flow modeling in consecutive hydrometric stations using integrated data-driven models
Research Article February 4 2021
Capturing high-resolution water demand data in commercial buildings
Research Article February 2 2021
Investigations of hydraulic transient flows in pressurized pipeline based on 1D traditional and 3D weakly compressible models
Research Article January 29 2021
Improving the integrated hydrological simulation on a data-scarce catchment with multi-objective calibration
Research Article January 25 2021
Ensemble-based machine learning approach for improved leak detection in water mains
Research Article January 25 2021
Modeling of contaminant concentration using the classification-based model integrated with data preprocessing algorithms
Research Article January 22 2021
Multi-source data fusion method for structural safety assessment of water diversion structures
Research Article January 19 2021
A data-driven approach to assessing the impact of water harvesting structures on regional water storage in East Africa
Research Article January 12 2021
Estimation of parameters in groundwater modelling by modified Clonalg
Research Article January 5 2021
Design of an automatic hydro-meteorological observation network for a real-time flood warning system: a case study of Vu Gia-Thu Bon river basin, Vietnam
Research Article December 28 2020
Data pre-processing and artificial neural networks for tidal level prediction at the Pearl River Estuary
Research Article December 21 2020
Simulation and optimization of control system operation and surface water allocation based on system dynamics modeling
Research Article December 15 2020
Hydrological model optimization using multi-gauge calibration (MGC) in a mountainous region
Research Article December 15 2020
Taking water efficiency to the next level: digital tools to reduce non-revenue water
Research Article December 15 2020
Data assimilation in hydrodynamic models for system-wide soft sensing and sensor validation for urban drainage tunnels
Research Article December 15 2020
Numerical study of energy dissipation and block barriers in stepped spillways
Research Article December 2 2020
Interactive decision support methodology for near real-time response to failure events in a water distribution network
Research Article December 2 2020
A feasibility study of uninhabited aircraft systems for rapid and cost-effective plant stress monitoring at green stormwater infrastructure facilities
Research Article November 10 2020
Visualisation of the combinatorial effects within evolutionary algorithms: the compass plot
Research Article October 20 2020
Flood mitigation in coastal urban catchments using real-time stormwater infrastructure control and reinforcement learning
Correction April 3 2019
Corrigendum to ‘A machine learning approach for estimation of shallow water depths from optical satellite images and sonar measurements’ [Journal of Hydroinformatics 15(4), 1408–1424.]
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