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Research Article September 17 2020
A parallelized algorithm to speed up 1D free-surface flow simulations in irrigation canals
Research Article September 15 2020
Spatial runoff updating based on the hydrologic system differential response for flood forecasting
Research Article September 15 2020
Water supply network pollution source identification by random forest algorithm
Research Article September 14 2020
A study of land subsidence problems by ALPRIFT for vulnerability indexing and risk indexing and treating subjectivity by strategy at two levels
Research Article September 11 2020
Deep learning under H2O framework: A novel approach for quantitative analysis of discharge coefficient in sluice gates
Research Article September 10 2020
Evaluating the performance of low impact development practices in urban runoff mitigation through distributed and combined implementation
Research Article September 4 2020
Optimum design and operation of a hydropower reservoir considering uncertainty of inflow
Research Article September 3 2020
Delineation of groundwater recharge zones in the Mitidja plain, north Algeria, using multi-criteria analysis
Research Article September 1 2020
Modelling the response of paddy water balance on groundwater level fluctuations in Central Punjab
Correction August 28 2020
Corrigendum: Journal of Hydroinformatics (2020) 22 (2): 385–401: Numerical simulation of scour and flow field over movable bed induced by a submerged wall jet
Editorial August 27 2020
Editorial: Modelling Hydrodynamics for Water Resources
Research Article August 20 2020
Application of nature-inspired optimization algorithms to ANFIS model to predict wave-induced scour depth around pipelines
Research Article August 18 2020
Research on flood forecasting based on flood hydrograph generalization and random forest in Qiushui River basin, China
Research Article August 10 2020
Flood-inundation modeling in an operational context: sensitivity to topographic resolution and Manning's n
Research Article July 27 2020
Assessment of artificial intelligence models for calculating optimum properties of lined channels
Research Article July 22 2020
Experimental dataset and numerical simulation of floating bodies transport in open-channel flow
Research Article July 17 2020
Pipeline leak detection using the multiple signal classification-like method
Research Article July 17 2020
Adaptation of flux-based solvers to 2D two-layer shallow flows with variable density including numerical treatment of the loss of hyperbolicity and drying/wetting fronts
Research Article July 16 2020
Leak detection in virtually isolated pipe sections within a complex pipe system using a two-source-four-sensor transient testing configuration
Research Article July 15 2020
Agent-based modelling of pedestrian responses during flood emergency: mobility behavioural rules and implications for flood risk analysis
Research Article July 10 2020
River flow sequence feature extraction and prediction using an enhanced sparse autoencoder
Research Article July 9 2020
Efficient approach toward the application of the Godunov method to hydraulic transients
Research Article July 8 2020
Analysis of the performance of different culvert boundary conditions in 2D shallow flow models
Research Article July 8 2020
A GPU-based 2D shallow water quality model
Research Article July 2 2020
A robust two-dimensional model for highly sediment-laden unsteady flows of variable density over movable beds
Research Article July 2 2020
Analysis of the performance of a hybrid CPU/GPU 1D2D coupled model for real flood cases
Research Article July 1 2020
A 2D HLL-based weakly coupled model for transient flows on mobile beds
Research Article June 29 2020
A 1D shallow-flow model for two-layer flows based on FORCE scheme with wet–dry treatment
Research Article June 29 2020
Review of imaging-based measurement techniques for free surface flows involving sediment transport and morphological changes
Research Article June 29 2020
Design of irrigation canals with minimum overall cost using particle swarm optimization – case study: El-sheikh Gaber canal, north Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Research Article June 25 2020
Optimal hydropower operation of multi-reservoir systems: hybrid cellular automata-simulated annealing approach
Research Article June 23 2020
A coupled 1-D/2-D model for simulating river sediment transport and bed evolution
Research Article June 22 2020
Parameter estimation of soil hydraulic characteristics by inverse modeling of the analytical equation for unsaturated subsurface water flow
Research Article June 16 2020
Mid- to long-term runoff prediction by combining the deep belief network and partial least-squares regression
Research Article April 22 2020
Wavelet-based local mesh refinement for rainfall–runoff simulations
Research Article April 17 2020
Discontinuous Galerkin well-balanced schemes using augmented Riemann solvers with application to the shallow water equations
Research Article March 4 2020
High-performance computing in water resources hydrodynamics
Correction April 3 2019
Corrigendum to ‘A machine learning approach for estimation of shallow water depths from optical satellite images and sonar measurements’ [Journal of Hydroinformatics 15(4), 1408–1424.]
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