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Research Article May 17 2021
A deep learning technique-based automatic monitoring method for experimental urban road inundation
Editorial May 13 2021
Editorial – Making Water Smart
Research Article May 11 2021
Deterministic and probabilistic evaluation of raw and post-processing monthly precipitation forecasts: a case study of China
Research Article May 3 2021
Feasibility of using smart meter water consumption data and in-sewer flow observations for sewer system analysis: a case study
Research Article May 3 2021
Characterisation of low-Reynolds number flow through an orifice: CFD results vs. laboratory data
Research Article April 29 2021
Improved flood forecasting using geomorphic unit hydrograph based on spatially distributed velocity field
Research Article April 27 2021
Augmented HLL Riemann solver including slope source term for 1D mixed pipe flows
Research Article April 26 2021
Experiments of an IoT-based wireless sensor network for flood monitoring in Colima, Mexico
Research Article April 21 2021
Application of MCLP and LINGO methods to optimal design of groundwater monitoring network in an oil refinery site
Research Article April 16 2021
Flow control in a multichamber settling basin by sluice gates driven by a CFD and an ancillary analytical model
Research Article April 12 2021
Genetic programming for hydrological applications: to model or to forecast that is the question
Research Article April 7 2021
Prediction of river water temperature using machine learning algorithms: a tropical river system of India
Correction March 29 2021
Corrigendum: Journal of Hydroinformatics 23 (1), 76–87: Sara4r: an R graphical user interface (GUI) to estimate watershed surface runoff applying the NRCS – curve number method, Rafael Hernández-Guzmán, Arturo Ruiz-Luna and Eduardo Mendoza.
Research Article March 22 2021
Coupling the Xinanjiang model and wavelet-based random forests method for improved daily streamflow simulation
Research Article March 18 2021
An ethical decision-making framework with serious gaming: a smart water case study on flooding
Research Article March 4 2021
Multicriterion decision making in groundwater planning
Research Article March 2 2021
An integrated software architecture for the pollution-based real-time control of urban drainage systems
Research Article March 1 2021
GRNN Model for prediction of groundwater fluctuation in the state of Uttarakhand of India using GRACE data under limited bore well data
Research Article February 22 2021
Introducing an economic agricultural water distribution in a hyper-arid region: a case study in Iran
Research Article February 22 2021
Control theory-based data assimilation for hydraulic models as a decision support tool for hydropower systems: sequential, multi-metric tuning of the controllers
Research Article February 22 2021
The potential of ensemble WT-EEMD-kernel extreme learning machine techniques for prediction suspended sediment concentration in successive points of a river
Research Article February 5 2021
Uncertainty analysis of monthly river flow modeling in consecutive hydrometric stations using integrated data-driven models
Research Article February 4 2021
Capturing high-resolution water demand data in commercial buildings
Research Article January 25 2021
Modeling of contaminant concentration using the classification-based model integrated with data preprocessing algorithms
Research Article December 15 2020
Taking water efficiency to the next level: digital tools to reduce non-revenue water
Research Article December 15 2020
Data assimilation in hydrodynamic models for system-wide soft sensing and sensor validation for urban drainage tunnels
Research Article December 2 2020
Interactive decision support methodology for near real-time response to failure events in a water distribution network
Research Article December 2 2020
A feasibility study of uninhabited aircraft systems for rapid and cost-effective plant stress monitoring at green stormwater infrastructure facilities
Research Article November 10 2020
Visualisation of the combinatorial effects within evolutionary algorithms: the compass plot
Research Article October 20 2020
Flood mitigation in coastal urban catchments using real-time stormwater infrastructure control and reinforcement learning
Correction April 3 2019
Corrigendum to ‘A machine learning approach for estimation of shallow water depths from optical satellite images and sonar measurements’ [Journal of Hydroinformatics 15(4), 1408–1424.]
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