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Research Article July 2 2020
A robust two-dimensional model for highly sediment-laden unsteady flows of variable density over movable beds
Research Article July 2 2020
Analysis of the performance of a hybrid CPU/GPU 1D2D coupled model for real flood cases
Research Article July 1 2020
A 2D HLL-based weakly coupled model for transient flows on mobile beds
Research Article June 29 2020
A 1D shallow-flow model for two-layer flows based on FORCE scheme with wet–dry treatment
Research Article June 29 2020
Review of imaging-based measurement techniques for free surface flows involving sediment transport and morphological changes
Research Article June 29 2020
Design of irrigation canals with minimum overall cost using particle swarm optimization – case study: El-sheikh Gaber canal, north Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Research Article June 25 2020
Optimal hydropower operation of multi-reservoir systems: hybrid cellular automata-simulated annealing approach
Research Article June 23 2020
A coupled 1-D/2-D model for simulating river sediment transport and bed evolution
Research Article June 22 2020
Parameter estimation of soil hydraulic characteristics by inverse modeling of the analytical equation for unsaturated subsurface water flow
Research Article June 16 2020
Mid- to long-term runoff prediction by combining the deep belief network and partial least-squares regression
Research Article June 12 2020
A hybrid drought index for drought assessment in Wadi Shueib catchment area in Jordan
Research Article June 8 2020
Numerical assessment of the vulnerability to impact erosion of a pump as turbine in a water supply system
Research Article June 5 2020
Optimization of dam's spillway design under climate change conditions
Research Article June 5 2020
Waste load allocation under uncertainty using game theory approach and simulation-optimization process
Research Article June 5 2020
A cost-effective redundant communication system for improving the reliability of a flood early warning system
Research Article May 30 2020
Leakage reduction in WDNs through optimal setting of PATs with a derivative-free optimizer
Research Article May 16 2020
Daily runoff forecasting based on data-augmented neural network model
Research Article May 16 2020
Riprap incipient motion for overtopping flows with machine learning models
Research Article May 11 2020
Do direct and inverse uncertainty assessment methods present the same results?
Research Article May 8 2020
Towards a hybrid algorithm for the robust calibration of rainfall–runoff models
Research Article April 30 2020
Experimental and numerical study of flood dynamics in a river-network-floodplain set-up
Research Article April 30 2020
Uncertainty based budget allocation of wastewater infrastructures' flood resiliency considering interdependencies
Research Article April 22 2020
Wavelet-based local mesh refinement for rainfall–runoff simulations
Research Article April 17 2020
Discontinuous Galerkin well-balanced schemes using augmented Riemann solvers with application to the shallow water equations
Research Article March 6 2020
A nonparametric framework for water consumption data cleansing: an application to a smart water network in Naples (Italy)
Research Article March 4 2020
High-performance computing in water resources hydrodynamics
Research Article December 16 2019
Management of water distribution systems in PDA conditions using isolation valves: case studies of real networks
Research Article December 12 2019
Assessment of seasonal and annual rainfall trend in Calabria (southern Italy) with the ITA method
Research Article October 22 2019
Energy production assessment in a complex hydropower development
Correction April 3 2019
Corrigendum to ‘A machine learning approach for estimation of shallow water depths from optical satellite images and sonar measurements’ [Journal of Hydroinformatics 15(4), 1408–1424.]
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