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Research Article December 24 2019
Optimisation of a fuzzy logic-based local real-time control system for mitigation of sewer flooding using genetic algorithms
Research Article December 24 2019
Deriving optimal operation of reservoir proposing improved artificial bee colony algorithm: standard and constrained versions
Research Article December 19 2019
Hydrology@Home: a distributed volunteer computing framework for hydrological research and applications
Research Article December 16 2019
Management of water distribution systems in PDA conditions using isolation valves: case studies of real networks
Research Article December 12 2019
Assessment of seasonal and annual rainfall trend in Calabria (southern Italy) with the ITA method
Research Article December 9 2019
Effective saturation-based weighting for interblock hydraulic conductivity in unsaturated zone soil water flow modelling using one-dimensional vertical finite-difference model
Research Article November 29 2019
Knowledge-based multi-objective genetic algorithms for the design of water distribution networks
Research Article November 15 2019
Finite volume model for the simulation of 1D unsteady river flow and water quality based on the WASP
Letter November 8 2019
Discussion of A reduced-order model for the regeneration of surface currents in Gorgan Bay, Iran by Hassan Kheirabadi, Roohollah Noori, Jamal M. V. Samani, Jan Franklin Adamowski, Mohammad Hassan Ranjbar, Naser Hajizadeh Zaker, 2018 Journal of Hydroinformatics 20(6), 1419–1435,
Research Article November 7 2019
A multi-model integration method for monthly streamflow prediction: modified stacking ensemble strategy
Research Article November 7 2019
Self-adaptive multi-population based Jaya algorithm to optimize the cropping pattern under a constraint environment
Research Article October 25 2019
Prediction of sediment transport rates in gravel-bed rivers using Gaussian process regression
Research Article October 24 2019
Nearshore two-step typhoon wind-wave prediction using deep recurrent neural networks
Research Article October 23 2019
Identifying the origins of extreme rainfall using storm track classification
Research Article October 22 2019
Energy production assessment in a complex hydropower development
Research Article October 11 2019
Reply to discussion on ‘A reduced-order model for the regeneration of surface currents in Gorgan Bay. Iran [Journal of Hydroinformatics 20(6), 1419–1435,]’ by Georgios M. Horsch and Nikolaos Th. Fourniotis
Correction April 3 2019
Corrigendum to ‘A machine learning approach for estimation of shallow water depths from optical satellite images and sonar measurements’ [Journal of Hydroinformatics 15(4), 1408–1424.]
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