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Research Article July 28 2021
A decision support tool for optimising groundwater-level monitoring networks using an adaptive genetic algorithm
Research Article July 21 2021
A novel framework for prediction of dam deformation based on extreme learning machine and Lévy flight bat algorithm
Research Article July 19 2021
Towards design of compound channels with minimum overall cost through grey wolf optimization algorithm
Research Article July 16 2021
Fuzzy linear regression analysis for groundwater response to meteorological drought in the aquifer system of Xanthi plain, NE Greece
Research Article July 15 2021
Adaptive hybrid architecture for enhancement of the complex hydroclimatic system and assessment of freshwater security
Research Article July 6 2021
Combined use of LS-PIV and CFD for the characterization of turbulent flow in the contact chamber of ‘COSTA AZUL’ wastewater treatment plant, Carlos Paz
Research Article July 2 2021
Application study of IFAS and LSTM models on runoff simulation and flood prediction in the Tokachi River basin
Research Article July 2 2021
A feature extraction method based on the entropy-minimal description length principle and GBDT for common surface water pollution identification
Research Article June 22 2021
Decentralized calibration process for distributed water resources systems using the self-adaptive multi-memory melody search algorithm
Correction April 3 2019
Corrigendum to ‘A machine learning approach for estimation of shallow water depths from optical satellite images and sonar measurements’ [Journal of Hydroinformatics 15(4), 1408–1424.]
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