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Journal of Hydroinformatics Special Issue on

Making water smart – preparing the water sector for the data and autonomy revolution 



The Journal of Hydroinformatics will publish a special issue entitled “Making water smart – preparing the water sector for the data and autonomy revolution” in 2020.

The objective of this special issue is to gather original and high-quality opinion articles as well as novel technical research within the scope of smart water and wastewater systems, we will also consider a small number of review papers, please see the journals instructions for authors to see if your idea will be a match for the journal. This special issue focuses on all aspects of data, data processing, data use and data management in the context of water and wastewater service provision, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Smart water solutions
  • Plant supervision and decision-support systems
  • Plant robustness and resilience
  • Data quality
  • Data management
  • Data visualisation
  • Data governance and security
  • Data-driven and hybrid modelling
  • Real-time process monitoring and control;
  • Machine learning and explainable AI approaches;
  • Early warning systems;
  • Anomaly detection and diagnosis;
  • Predictive analytics;
  • Data visualisation and decision support;
  • Sensors and monitoring;
  • Data-driven modelling;
  • Edge, fog and cloud computing;
  • Optimisation of design, operation and logistics
Special Issue Guest Editors

Branko Kerkez, University of Michigan, United States of America
Edward Keedwell
, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Rationale of the Issue

For as long as there have been measurement instrumentation and sensor technologies in water management systems, there has been data. However, it has typically been considered an afterthought, problematic or opaque to scrutiny. Where it has been used systematically, it is often viewed with skepticism, examined and discarded, stored and forgotten about. The majority of data collected in the water industry is unused, untrusted, ‘dark data’. In recent years there has been a revival of interest in data and the associated concepts and tools by which value may be extracted from data and transformed into knowledge. Digitalisation, smart or intelligent systems, and machine learning are buzzwords that have accompanied the water data renaissance, adopted from other industries in which they are much more mainstream. Whilst these provide motivation towards water systems of the future, it is important to consider the extent and readiness of the water industry for adoption of smart technologies, and to avoid post-hype disillusionment. This special issue aims to collect opinion, perspectives and technical advances that highlight the opportunities and challenges associated with delivering smart data solutions for the water industry. What is the industry expectation and capacity for adoption and how can digitalisation become the convention rather than the exception for the industry? The issue will gather knowledge and opinion from a range of stakeholders working in the smart water data space and provide a timely assessment of academic and industry preparedness for embracing the continued data evolution. The submission of new techniques, algorithms, and technologies is also strongly encouraged.


Manuscript Submission Information 

Research and review articles are invited. A manuscript proposal, composed of a title, author information and short abstract (up to 150 words), should be sent to the Journal Office please make sure to put in the email subject line Making Water Smart, by the 28th February 2020 prior to the full manuscript preparation and submission. Authors will receive an invitation letter for submission upon approval of the Guest Editors.

Important Dates

Proposal Submission Deadline: February 28, 2020

Full Paper Submission Deadline: April 30, 2020

Expected Special Issue Publication: October 2020

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