This paper examines the rainfall and runoff characteristics in a karstic basin of China. The results indicated that the inner-annual distributions of rainfall and runoff were uneven and slightly different, as the concentration period of rainfall (from April to October) was earlier; there was a delay of about a month before the runoff (from May to September), and the concentrated volume accounted for 87% of annual precipitation or annual streamflow. Interannually, rainfall changed more significantly than runoff, the wet years lasted longer than the dry years (rainfall), while the high and low flow years were equal for runoff. In addition, judging from the value of the Mann-Kendall test, the average annual change of rainfall (−2.36) was more significant than that of runoff (−2.05), and the seasonal pattern of runoff maintained an opposite tendency in autumn and winter before 1990. The changes in runoff were mainly associated with rainfall and the formation conditions in the karstic area, and the reservoir in this basin should be operated with different flood limiting water levels, and the vegetation coverage should be improved.

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