Flow hydrographs are one of the most important key elements for flood modelling. They are recorded as time series; however, they are not available in most developing countries due to lack of gauged stations. This study presents a flood modelling method for rivers having no upstream gauged stations. The modelling procedure involves three steps: (1) predicting upstream hydrograph by the reverse flood routing method which requires information about channel geometric characteristics, downstream flow stage and downstream flow hydrographs; (2) modelling flood wave spreading using HEC-RAS. The hydrograph predicted by the reverse flood routing in the first step becomes an inflow for the HEC-RAS model; (3) delineating the flood-risk areas by overlapping the Geographical Information System (GIS)-based flood maps produced by the HEC-RAS to the related orthophoto images. The developed model is applied to Guneysu Basin in Rize Province in Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. The model-produced flood map is compared to the observed one with success.

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