Understanding the connections between climate, anthropogenic impacts, and hydrology is fundamental for assessing future climate change. However, a comprehensive methodology is lacking to understand significant changes in the discharge regime and their causes. We propose an approach that links change point tests with hydrologic metrics applied to two Vietnamese catchments where both climatic and anthropogenic changes are observed. The change points in discharge series are revealed by six widely used change point tests. Then, 171 hydrologic metrics are investigated to evaluate all possible hydrological changes that occurred between the pre- and post-change point period. The tests showed sufficient capabilities to detect hydrological changes caused by precipitation alterations and damming. Linking the change point tests to the hydrological metrics had three benefits: (1) the significance of each detected change point was evaluated, (2) we found which test responds to which hydrologic metric, and (3) we were able to disentangle the hydrological impacts of the climatic and anthropogenic changes. Due to its objectivity, the presented method can improve the interpretation of anthropogenic changes and climate change impacts on the hydrological system.

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