Rivers provide innumerable ecosystem services to mankind. However, anthropogenic activities have inflicted a host of pressures to the riverine ecosystems. Climate change is also one of the human induced consequences which is of serious concern. A number of studies have predicted devastating effects of climate change. In the Indian context, where a river such as the Ganga is already suffering from industrial and municipal waste disposal, unhygienic rituals, and other activities, effects of climate change may further aggravate the situation. Climate change will not only result in disasters, but effects on water quality, biodiversity, and other ecological processes also cannot be denied. In this paper, an attempt has been made to evaluate the effects of climatic change on the dynamics of River Ganga. The study focuses on the impacts on fundamental ecological processes, river water quality, effect on species composition, and hydropower potential etc. The paper also discusses management aspects and research needs for rejuvenation of the River Ganga.

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