This paper present the results of the water scenario development process carried out in the Narew River Basin within the SCENES (Water Scenarios for Europe and Neighbouring States) Project. The overall project objective was to create water scenarios on the Pilot Area level as well as at the Pan-European level. Therefore, in the Narew River Basin, which was one of the Pilot Areas, three scenario development workshops were organised to establish future water visions by qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative methods proposed within the project. The scenarios were elaborated in the participatory process by invited key water stakeholders representing varied sectors and institutions. The paper shows the main current drivers for the study area, present and future relations between them as well as possible scenarios and challenges to achieve them. It also draws conclusions on suitability of the proposed methods in water scenario development for river basins in general and for the Narew River Basin in particular. The proposed approach has involved the stakeholders intensively in the scenario development process, resulting in the set of scenarios suitable for further quantification and use in modelling exercises.

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