In this study, we explored the potential of the multispectral and multi-temporal IRS Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) data for mapping of the snow cover in the northwest regions of Iran. The AWiFS snow cover maps, based on the unsupervised classification method, were compared with the estimates of snow cover area derived from the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) images based on the normalized difference snow index. Good concurrence was observed with respect to the snow area between the AWiFS features and the MODIS features; however, the snow spatial distribution of the AWiFS features differed from those of the MODIS based on the nonentity of the temporal accordance between two types of features. Also, we explored the relationships between some climatic and topographic factors with the snowpack in the northwest part of Iran. Relationships between some climatic factors with snowpack specifications were obtained, which showed significant correlation only between the components of daily temperature and snow density. The other results showed that the amounts of snowpack depth have significant correlations with the height of the stations and the height classes in 1% surface and snowpack depths showed significant differences together within the different height classes.

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