QwaQwa, in South Africa, experiences high exposure to multiple climate change impacts. The area is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. As such, this paper aims to assess community resilience, estimate the risk of multiple climate change impacts in QwaQwa, and propose strategies to reduce risk and build resilience. Data were collected using a household survey and key informant interviews with a sample of 349 participants. An indicator method, based on the Community Capitals Framework, was used to measure resilience and estimate risk. The composite resilience indicators were weighted using Principal Component Analysis. The Cronbach's alpha (α) test indicated a very good internal consistency in the scaled items. The results indicated that medium resilience to climate change impacts in QwaQwa was mostly driven by access to all six capitals measured in this study: natural, human, social, financial, political, and infrastructural capitals. The multi-hazard risk estimate resulted in a very high index of 4.1. These results were validated at a stakeholder workshop. Strategies that use nature-based solutions, training and education for people of all ages, sectors and professions, and increased community and local government cooperation were deemed essential for boosting resilience and reducing disaster risks in the area.

  • Community resilience of QwaQwa to climate change-related events was analysed and estimated using indicators.

  • The community capitals were used as a proxy to assess vulnerability.

  • The estimated multi-hazard risk index for climate change-related events was very high.

  • The findings confirmed previous research on the influence of non-climatic factors in increasing climate-related disaster risk.

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