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Research Article September 19 2020
Mainstreaming climate change into water policies: a case study from Burkina Faso
Research Article September 16 2020
Does Antarctic Oscillation have links and influence precipitation over the Uruguay River Drainage Basin in Southeastern South America?
Research Article September 16 2020
Evaluating the hydrological utility of satellite-based rainfall products using neural network models over the Ghare Ghieh River basin, Iran
Research Article September 14 2020
Multi-time scale co-integration forecast of annual runoff in the source area of the Yellow River
Research Article September 11 2020
Changes in flow and sediment load of poorly gauged Brahmaputra river basin under an extreme climate scenario
Research Article September 11 2020
Evaluation of the carbon emission reduction effects of ecological river revetment construction
Research Article September 10 2020
Hydrologic alteration and potential ecosystem implications under a changing climate in the Chitral River, Hindukush region, Pakistan
Research Article September 8 2020
Evaluation of the trophic status in a Mediterranean reservoir under climate change: An integrated modelling approach
Review Article September 7 2020
Potential management practices of saltwater intrusion impacts on soil health and water quality: a review
Research Article September 7 2020
The validity of floating chambers in quantifying CO2 flux from headwater streams
Research Article September 3 2020
Uncertainties in runoff projection and hydrological drought assessment over Gharesu basin under CMIP5 RCP scenarios
Research Article September 3 2020
Assessing vulnerability and adopting alternative climate resilient strategies for livelihood security and sustainable management of aquatic biodiversity of Vembanad lake in India
Research Article September 3 2020
Spatiotemporal variation of actual evapotranspiration and its response to changes of major meteorological factors over China using multi-source data
Research Article September 2 2020
Modeling seasonal trends in optimum temperatures over India
Research Article September 1 2020
Coupled application of R and WetSpa models for assessment of climate change impact on streamflow of Werie Catchment, Tigray, Ethiopia
Research Article August 24 2020
Relative impacts of climate change and land cover change on streamflow using SWAT in the Clackamas River Watershed, USA
Research Article August 21 2020
Effect of irrigation efficiency enhancement on water demand of date palms in a Tunisian oasis under climate change
Research Article August 19 2020
Multi-scale update on precipitation characteristics at Jinan, East China
Research Article August 11 2020
Investigating the inter-annual precipitation changes of Iran
Research Article August 8 2020
Conventional and zero liquid discharge treatment plants for textile wastewater through the lens of carbon footprint analysis
Research Article August 7 2020
Forest riparian buffers reduce timber harvesting effects on stream temperature, but additional climate adaptation strategies are likely needed under future conditions
Research Article August 7 2020
Variation of economic value produced by environmental flow in water-scarce basins of Northwest China
Research Article August 7 2020
Drivers of future water demand in Sydney, Australia: examining the contribution from population and climate change
Research Article August 6 2020
Climate change and its implications for rainfed agriculture in Ethiopia
Research Article August 5 2020
Bias correction demonstration in two of the Indian Himalayan river basins
Research Article August 5 2020
Climate change impact analysis using bias-corrected multiple global climate models on rice and wheat yield
Research Article July 23 2020
Influence mechanism of climate change over crop growth and water demands for wheat-rice system of Punjab, Pakistan
Research Article July 23 2020
Hydro-meteorological characteristics and occurrence probability of extreme flood events in Moroccan High Atlas
Research Article July 22 2020
Development of high-resolution 72 h precipitation and hillslope flood maps over a tropical transboundary region by physically based numerical atmospheric–hydrologic modeling
Research Article July 17 2020
Water allocation using game theory under climate change impact (case study: Zarinehrood)
Research Article July 14 2020
Prediction of groundwater flow in shallow aquifers using artificial neural networks in the northern basins of Algeria
Research Article July 13 2020
Applicability of SPI and RDI for forthcoming drought events: a non-parametric trend and one way ANOVA approach
Research Article July 13 2020
Implications of storage state behaviour of village tanks in adaptation to climate change, Sri Lanka
Research Article July 9 2020
Sensitivity of physical parameterization schemes in WRF model for dynamic downscaling of climatic variables over the MRB
Research Article July 8 2020
Drought and households’ adaptive capacity to water scarcity in Kasali, Uganda
Research Article July 8 2020
Locally tuned hybridized particle swarm optimization for the calibration of the nonlinear Muskingum flood routing model
Research Article July 8 2020
Climate change and its influence on design rainfall at-site in New South Wales State, Australia
Research Article July 8 2020
Temporal trends of climatic variables and water footprint of rice and wheat production in Punjab, India from 1986 to 2017
Research Article July 8 2020
Temporal trends in extreme temperature and precipitation events in an arid area: case of Chichaoua Mejjate region (Morocco)
Research Article July 3 2020
Application of RUSLE integrated with GIS and remote sensing techniques to assess soil erosion in Anambra State, South-Eastern Nigeria
Research Article July 1 2020
Assessing impacts of future climate change on hydrological processes in an urbanizing watershed with a multimodel approach
Research Article June 26 2020
Application of SWAT model with CMADS data for hydrological simulation in western China
Research Article June 26 2020
Synoptic climatological approach associated with three recent summer heatwaves in the Canadian Arctic
Research Article June 16 2020
Trend analysis of climate change compound indices in Iran
Research Article June 11 2020
Detecting change in precipitation indices using observed (1977–2016) and modeled future climate data in Portland, Oregon, USA
Research Article June 11 2020
The changing nature of the water–energy nexus in urban water supply systems: a critical review of changes and responses
Research Article June 10 2020
Monitoring agricultural drought using geospatial techniques: a case study of Thal region of Punjab, Pakistan
Research Article June 5 2020
Assessing the impacts of climate change on aerobic rice production using the DSSAT-CERES-Rice model
Research Article June 1 2020
Factors influencing surface water and groundwater interaction in alluvial fan
Research Article May 28 2020
Hydrological drought risk recurrence under climate change in the karst area of Northwestern Algeria
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