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Research Article July 9 2020
Sensitivity of physical parameterization schemes in WRF model for dynamic downscaling of climatic variables over the MRB
Research Article July 8 2020
Drought and households’ adaptive capacity to water scarcity in Kasali, Uganda
Research Article July 8 2020
Locally tuned hybridized particle swarm optimization for the calibration of the nonlinear Muskingum flood routing model
Research Article July 8 2020
Climate change and its influence on design rainfall at-site in New South Wales State, Australia
Research Article July 8 2020
Temporal trends of climatic variables and water footprint of rice and wheat production in Punjab, India from 1986 to 2017
Research Article July 8 2020
Temporal trends in extreme temperature and precipitation events in an arid area: case of Chichaoua Mejjate region (Morocco)
Research Article July 3 2020
Application of RUSLE integrated with GIS and remote sensing techniques to assess soil erosion in Anambra State, South-Eastern Nigeria
Research Article July 1 2020
Assessing impacts of future climate change on hydrological processes in an urbanizing watershed with a multimodel approach
Research Article June 26 2020
Application of SWAT model with CMADS data for hydrological simulation in western China
Research Article June 26 2020
Synoptic climatological approach associated with three recent summer heatwaves in the Canadian Arctic
Research Article June 16 2020
Trend analysis of climate change compound indices in Iran
Research Article June 11 2020
Detecting change in precipitation indices using observed (1977–2016) and modeled future climate data in Portland, Oregon, USA
Research Article June 11 2020
The changing nature of the water–energy nexus in urban water supply systems: a critical review of changes and responses
Research Article June 10 2020
Monitoring agricultural drought using geospatial techniques: a case study of Thal region of Punjab, Pakistan
Research Article June 5 2020
Assessing the impacts of climate change on aerobic rice production using the DSSAT-CERES-Rice model
Research Article June 1 2020
Factors influencing surface water and groundwater interaction in alluvial fan
Research Article May 28 2020
Hydrological drought risk recurrence under climate change in the karst area of Northwestern Algeria
Research Article May 20 2020
Spatio-temporal analysis of maximum drought severity using Copulas in Northern Algeria
Research Article May 16 2020
The development of statistical downscaling methods for assessing the effects of climate change on the precipitation isotopes concentration
Research Article May 14 2020
Bias correction capabilities of quantile mapping methods for rainfall and temperature variables
Research Article May 13 2020
Review of approaches for selection and ensembling of GCMs
Research Article May 13 2020
Sensitivity of FAO Penman–Monteith reference evapotranspiration (ETo) to climatic variables under different climate types in Nigeria
Research Article May 8 2020
Development of a new water ecological health assessment method for small river in Shanghai, China
Research Article April 29 2020
Evaluating the impacts of environmental factors on soil moisture temporal dynamics at different time scales
Research Article April 29 2020
Association between drought and agricultural productivity using remote sensing data: a case study of Gujarat state of India
Research Article April 29 2020
Simulation-based modeling of urban waterlogging in Khulna City
Research Article April 28 2020
The effect of atmospheric rivers on cold-season heavy precipitation events in Iran
Research Article April 28 2020
A two-stage multiple-point conceptual model to predict river stage-discharge process using machine learning approaches
Research Article April 27 2020
Design and performance of urban sponges in red soil: improvement of physical and chemical properties
Research Article April 27 2020
Modelling potential impact of climate change and uncertainty on streamflow projections: a case study
Research Article April 21 2020
A hydrological modelling-based approach for vulnerable area identification under changing climate scenarios
Research Article April 20 2020
Evaluation of temporal drought variation and projection in a tropical river basin of Kerala
Research Article April 20 2020
Determination of river design discharge (Tar River case study)
Research Article April 16 2020
Indigenous knowledge and community-based risk assessment of climate change among the Fulani Herder Community of Kpongu, North-Western Ghana
Research Article April 15 2020
Development of a minimalist conceptual numerical model for flood forecasting and management under GIS environment
Research Article April 15 2020
Integrated assessment of the influence of climate change on current and future intra-annual water availability in the Vaal River catchment
Research Article April 13 2020
Rainfall regionalization and variability of extreme precipitation using artificial neural networks: a case study from western central Morocco
Research Article April 13 2020
Forecasting of droughts and tree mortality under global warming: a review of causative mechanisms and modeling methods
Research Article April 6 2020
Analysis of spatio-temporal climate variability of a shallow lake catchment in Tanzania
Research Article April 6 2020
Impact assessment of climate change on hydro-climatic conditions of arid and semi-arid watersheds (case study: Zoshk-Abardeh watershed, Iran)
Research Article April 3 2020
Modeling hydro-climatic changes of evapotranspiration over a semi-arid river basin of India
Research Article April 1 2020
Modelling study to quantify the impact of future climate and land use changes on water resources availability at catchment scale
Research Article March 23 2020
Hydrological modeling as a tool for water resources management of the data-scarce Brahmaputra basin
Research Article February 26 2020
Multiscale variability of streamflow in the Three Rivers Headwater Region, China, and links to large-scale atmospheric circulation indices
Research Article February 17 2020
Seawater intrusion vulnerability evaluation and prediction: a case study of Qeshm Island, Iran
Research Article February 14 2020
Analysis of precipitation variability over Satluj Basin, Himachal Pradesh, India: 1901–2013
Research Article February 11 2020
Inter-basin water transfer green supply chain coordination with partial backlogging under random precipitation
Research Article February 11 2020
Local climate impacts of dipole-like sea surface temperature oscillations in the Southern Hemisphere
Research Article February 11 2020
Anomalies and trends of high river flow under temperate climatic conditions in north-eastern Romania
Research Article February 6 2020
The model of low impact development of a sponge airport: a case study of Beijing Daxing International Airport
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