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Research Article July 5 2019
Evaluating the predictability of central Indian rainfall on short and long timescales using theory of nonlinear dynamics
Research Article June 27 2019
Climate change assessment impacts on the coastal area of Maliakos Gulf, Greece
Research Article June 27 2019
Water safety assessment and spatio-temporal changes in Dongting Lake, China on the basis of water regime during 1980–2014
Research Article June 27 2019
Improved SVR machine learning models for agricultural drought prediction at downstream of Langat River Basin, Malaysia
Research Article June 10 2019
ANN-SCS-based hybrid model in conjunction with GCM to evaluate the impact of climate change on the flow scenario of the River Subansiri
Research Article May 24 2019
Integrated modeling to assess flow changes due to future dam development and operation in Stung Sen River of Tonle Sap Lake Basin, Cambodia
Research Article May 23 2019
A proposed hybrid rainfall simulation model: bootstrap aggregated classification tree–artificial neural network (BACT-ANN) for the Langat River Basin, Malaysia
Research Article May 15 2019
Applied multivariate analysis on annual rainfall in the northeast of Algeria
Research Article April 30 2019
The quantitative analysis of the influence of environmental factors on the water yield capacity: a study in Haihe river basin, China
Research Article April 25 2019
Analysis of precipitation changes and its possible reasons in Songhua River Basin of China
Research Article April 19 2019
Application of MEEMD-ARIMA combining model for annual runoff prediction in the Lower Yellow River
Research Article April 11 2019
Rainfall analysis for rain-fed farming in the Great Rift Valley Basins of Ethiopia
Research Article March 29 2019
Water-saving service supply chain cooperation under social welfare maximization
Research Article March 27 2019
Evaluation of future runoff variations in the north–south transect of eastern China: effects of CMIP5 models outputs uncertainty
Research Article March 25 2019
Climatic characteristics of drift ice in the northern Barents Sea
Research Article March 18 2019
Seasonal drought forecasting in arid regions, using different time series models and RDI index
Research Article March 12 2019
Food security under unreliable rainfall: the case study of a rural community in Limpopo Province, South Africa
Research Article March 1 2019
Climate change and hydrological analysis of Tekeze river basin Ethiopia: implication for potential hydropower production
Research Article February 28 2019
Heterogeneity of water quality signature and feedbacks to carbon sequestration in wetlands across some districts of West Bengal, India
Research Article February 21 2019
The effects of Mediterranean oscillation on temperature and precipitation data in Turkey
Research Article February 19 2019
Impact of climate change on the future quality of surface waters: case study of the Ardak River, northeast of Iran
Research Article February 7 2019
Exploring the multiscale changeability of precipitation using the entropy concept and self-organizing maps
Research Article February 5 2019
Drought forecasting: A review of modelling approaches 2007–2017
Research Article February 4 2019
Damage of extreme water levels and the adaptation cost of dikes in the Pearl River Delta
Research Article January 29 2019
Modeling velocity distributions in small streams using different neuro-fuzzy and neural computing techniques
Research Article January 16 2019
IDF curves for future climate scenarios in a locality of the Tapajós Basin, Amazon, Brazil
Research Article January 16 2019
Dew condensation during a typical haze event in Changchun, China
Research Article January 14 2019
Trends in major climatic parameters and sensitivity of evapotranspiration to climatic parameters in the eastern Himalayan region of Sikkim, India
Research Article January 11 2019
Estimation and impact of carbon dioxide capture on drinking water: Tillmans equilibrium diagram
Research Article January 9 2019
Comparative study of conceptual versus distributed hydrologic modelling to evaluate the impact of climate change on future runoff in unregulated catchments
Research Article January 2 2019
Surface water resource assessment of paddy rice production under climate change in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: a system dynamics modeling approach
Research Article January 2 2019
GIS estimation of annual average soil loss rate from Hangar River watershed using RUSLE
Research Article December 12 2018
Assessing climate and land-use change impacts on streamflow in a mountainous catchment
Research Article November 26 2018
Evapotranspiration variations in the Yangtze River Basin from multi-satellite remote sensing data
Research Article November 26 2018
Withdrawn: Topographic influence on glacier change in the Gangotri glacier basin, Garhwal Himalaya, India
Research Article November 16 2018
Climate change effects on annual streamflow of Filyos River (Turkey)
Research Article November 7 2018
Assessing the impacts of climate change on the high altitude snow- and glacier-fed hydrological regimes of Astore and Hunza, the sub-catchments of Upper Indus Basin
Research Article November 2 2018
Characteristics and cause analysis of flue-cured tobacco's water requirements during growth periods in low latitude plateau area, China
Research Article October 23 2018
Assessment of the climate change risks for inflow into Sagami Dam reservoir using a hydrological model
Research Article October 3 2018
Assessment of atmospheric conditions over the Hong Thai Binh river watershed by means of dynamically downscaled ERA-20C reanalysis data
Research Article October 1 2018
Catastrophe progression method based on M-K test and correlation analysis for assessing water resources carrying capacity in Hubei province
Research Article September 19 2018
Calibration and ranking of Valiantzas reference evapotranspiration equations under the humid climate of northeast India
Research Article September 3 2018
Impacts of climate change on hydrology in the Yellow River source region, China
Research Article May 21 2018
Modeling water and salinity risks to viticulture under prolonged sustained deficit and saline water irrigation
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