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Special Issue: Long-term hydroclimate ensemble modeling and risk projection



Climate change has altered the global hydrologic cycle, leading to increased risks of both floods and droughts. It is thus desired that effective long-term hydroclimate modeling be undertaken to support the design of relevant mitigation and adaptation measures. However, a wide range of factors (e.g., input data, model selection, and parameter setup) may result in multiple uncertainties, which would impact the robustness of a single model. Therefore, the development and application of ensemble approaches are essential to reflect such uncertainties, and on this basis, further support hydroclimate risk projection.


This Special Issue aims to collect high-quality research papers and critical reviews that are focused on

•        Development and application of ensemble methods for long-term hydroclimate simulation

•        Evaluation of climate change impacts on global or regional hydroclimate systems

•        Assessment of future hydroclimate risks and the associated socio-economic impacts

•        Analysis of extreme climate and hydrological events

•        Uncertainty quantification in hydroclimate simulation

•        Dynamical and statistical climate downscaling


Key dates:

Deadline for paper submission: August 30, 2021

Expected publication: Early 2022 (accepted papers published online immediately ahead of issue publication)


Submission Instructions:

Please ensure that your paper follows the Instructions for Authors, before submitting your paper directly to Journal of Water and Climate Change’s peer review system. Please select the category, ‘Special Issue: Long-term hydroclimate ensemble modeling and risk projection’. This will send your paper to the Editor.


Guest Editors:

Gordon Huang, University of Regina, Canada

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