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Article collection on Viruses, Water & Health 

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic we put together a collection of papers that focus on Viruses, Water & Health. Explore the collection here. 

Acknowledgement to Reviewers

The high scientific standards maintained by Journal of Water & Health owe much to the continuing dedication of the journal's reviewers who freely give their time and expertise.

Open Access waivers for the developing world

IWA Publishing is proud to work with Research4Life to waive Open Access fees for authors from developing countries and to grant free access to our content.

Remote Access Options

We recognise that many institutions, students and professionals are currently working outside of their usual environment. 

See our advice for institutions accessing their subscriptions remotely.

Publish your paper Open Access

Did you know? We offer authors a number of options to publish their paper Open Access (OA), including in three fully OA journals.

Open Access Options

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