The Mediterranean area is densely populated and a very popular tourist destination. This study aimed at gathering up-to-date information on current national pool and spa regulations. We formulated and duly distributed to 20 Mediterranean countries a questionnaire divided into two sections: for pool and spa facilities, respectively. The questionnaire was formulated in such a way that a positive answer would imply that the specific topic was addressed effectively. While all 20 countries responded to the swimming-pool-related questionnaire, only 11 of these countries reported the existence of spa-related regulations. When combining the response overall of all countries for pool and spa facilities together, of a grand total of 606 answers, 183 (30.2%) were positive. The positive answers in the pool section of the questionnaire were 29% of the total of 420 answers while positive answers in the spa section of the questionnaire were fewer (27.8% of the total of 176 answers). The countries were grouped by geographical area of the Mediterranean basin where they are situated. Also, the questions were grouped into broad thematic categories. The paper presents conclusions drawn on the basis of the data received according to these geographical and thematic groupings.

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