A comprehensive survey assessing the presence of Acanthamoeba was conducted on 50 samples from water sources in parks and public squares from 22 municipal districts of Tehran, Iran. The prevalence and genotypes of Acanthamoeba were determined by PCR and the PCR fragments of ribosomal RNA genes sequenced. Sixteen (32%) samples were positive for Acanthamoeba spp. Sequence analysis revealed that the positive isolates belonged to the T4 and T5 genotypes. Fourteen isolates (87.5%) were T4, and two (12.5%) were T5. Acanthamoeba may be a problematic organism for contact lens wearers and for immunocompromised individuals. In Iran, Acanthamoeba keratitis has increased in recent years, mainly due to poor hygiene in contact lens wearers. A thorough survey for the prevalence of this amoeba could have a significant role in prevention of disease. This is the first report of the T5 genotype from water in recreational areas of Tehran.

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