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Research Article July 10 2020
Coliform bacteria and salt content as drinking water challenges at sand dams in Kenya
Research Article July 8 2020
Reducing public exposure to common, harmful well water contaminants through targeted outreach to highly susceptible neighborhoods as a method of increasing the likelihood of testing and treatment of water from private wells
Research Article July 8 2020
Assessment of exposure of children swimmers to trihalomethanes in an indoor swimming pool
Research Article June 30 2020
Waterborne diarrhoeal infection risk from multiple water sources and the impact of an earthquake
Research Article June 26 2020
Social factors shaping the adoption of lead-filtering point-of-use systems: an observational study of an MTurk sample
Research Article June 19 2020
Assessment of natural radioactivity and consequent radiological hazard in different brands of commercialized bottled mineral water produced in China
Research Article June 17 2020
Water quality aspects related to domestic drinking water storage tanks and consideration in current standards and guidelines throughout the world – A review
Research Article June 10 2020
Detection of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in foods of plant origin in North-Western Greece
Research Article June 2 2020
Does community-wide water chlorination reduce hepatitis E virus infections during an outbreak? a geospatial analysis of data from an outbreak in Am Timan, Chad (2016–2017)
Research Article May 26 2020
Solar inactivated Vibrio cholerae induces maturation of JAWS II dendritic cell line in vitro
Research Article May 26 2020
Inside environmental Clostridium perfringens genomes: antibiotic resistance genes, virulence factors and genomic features
Research Article May 25 2020
Sub-optimal household water access is associated with greater risk of intimate partner violence against women: evidence from Nepal
Research Article May 25 2020
Predicting children's blood lead levels from exposure to school drinking water in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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