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Aims & Scope

Journal of Water and Health is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal devoted to the dissemination of information on the health implications and control of waterborne microorganisms and chemical substances in the broadest sense for developing and developed countries worldwide. This includes microbial toxins, chemical quality and the aesthetic qualities of water.

Contributions will be published on the health-related aspects of the following areas:



Epidemiology of waterborne diseases

Wastewater-based epidemiology

Water and wastewater in One Health approaches


Risk assessment

Microbial risk assessment

Chemical risk assessment

Radiological risk assessment


Detection and ecology of pathogens in the environment

Fate and transport of pathogens/indictors/genetic markers

Predator-prey interactions

Pathogen-biofilm interactions

Horizontal gene transfer

Single celled microbiology


Water and wastewater treatment

Performance of water and wastewater treatment and health implications

Assessment of log-removals by treatment

Growth of pathogens in treatment systems

Changes in antimicrobial resistance, virulence markers

On-site or non-sewered systems



Chemical disinfection performance measurement

Physical disinfection performance measurement


Disinfection by-products

Health effects of DBPs

Measurement of DBPs

DBPs generated downstream of treatment

Removal of DBPs in water systems


Indicators of water and waste quality

Chemical indicators

Microbial indicators

Microbial source tracking markers

Verification of indicators


Regulatory issues and standard development

Emerging regulatory issues

Method Validation

Evaluation of a standard method


Water quality surveys and assessments

Antimicrobial resistance

Chemicals or contaminants of emerging concern

Microplastics related to health

Water virology



Novel approaches or interpretations in monitoring human exposure

Culture and molecular (omic) methods to address health-related targets

Innovation in monitoring and surveillance technology

Recreational water quality

Surface water monitoring

Groundwater monitoring

Wastewater-based surveillance


Microbial toxins (including cyanobacteria)

Cyanotoxins exposure assessment

Endotoxins exposure assessment

Microbial exposures resulting in hypersensitivities



Chemical and physical quality of water as it affects health

Chemical exposure assessment

Radiological exposure assessment


Endocrine disruptors

Exposure assessment of EDCs


Taste, odour & colour

Aesthetic aspects of water that may impact human health


Impacts of water quality on food safety

Food production

Food processing


Impact of climate change on water quality and health

Disruption of water services

Floods or droughts

Severe fire impacts

Shifts in waterborne disease


Water-based diseases

Saprozoic pathogens

Water-wash pathogens


Water-based insect vectors of disease

Vector disease ecology


Water policy and health

Evidence for health interventions

Ethics in Water and Health


Health effectiveness of water/sanitation management (WaSH)

Water Safety Plans

Informal settlements

Sanitation Safety Plans



Journal of Water and Health is published monthly.

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