The IWA Publishing journals Water Reuse and Water Science and Technology have been successfully enrolled in the catalog of high-quality journals in the field of environmental science in China. The catalog was organized by the China Association for Science and Technology. After a rigorous procedure of selection, evaluation, publicity, and review by the expert panel led by the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, 161 journals (including 115 English journals and 46 Chinese journals) were finally enrolled in the catalog.

The selected journals have a high level of peer recognition and are officially approved journals with good national and international reputations. We are pleased to share this great news with the IWA community. We will keep publishing high-influence and high-quality studies in water science and technology. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to helping the journals reach new heights together with efforts from all our authors, readers, and editors.

Fewer than 30% of journals in the field of environmental science were successfully enrolled in the catalog. The enrolled journals are considered to be high-quality journals that are highly regarded by the Chinese academic community. Among the journals in the research area of water, only 18 English journals were successfully enrolled in the catalog.

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