The Buriganga River receives partially treated sewage effluent, sewage polluted surface runoff and untreated industrial effluent from Dhaka city. This study examines the present status of surface water quality of Buriganga River at different locations in Dhaka City. The values of dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, colour, total coliforms, turbidity and ammonia were always very high over the year 2011. The maximum level of DO concentration was 3.4 mg/l, which is below the acceptable limit for surface water. Results also showed that high turbidity and low colour values were found in the rainy season while low turbidity and high colour values were found in the dry season. Moreover, the values of all parameters were always high at Buri 2 (Hazaribagh) because of the proximity of industrial sites. It is important to improve the water quality of the Buriganga River by protecting it from pollution.

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