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Research Article March 3 2021
Improving the implementation of water and resource recovery in Canada
Research Article March 2 2021
Seasonal variations of pollutants removal and microbial activity in integrated constructed wetland–microbial fuel cell systems
Research Article February 25 2021
Advances in efficient desalination technology of capacitive deionization for water recycling
Research Article February 17 2021
1,4-dioxane degradation using a pulsed switching peroxi-coagulation process
Research Article February 16 2021
Adsorption of tylosin in wastewater by iron-rich farmland soil and the effect of iron reduction and common cations
Research Article February 9 2021
Feeding preparation strategy for the supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) system for disposing of liquid hazardous waste
Research Article February 9 2021
Nitrogen and phosphorus flux in wastewater from three productive stages in a hyperintensive tilapia culture
Research Article February 4 2021
Investigations on the fouling characteristic of humic acid and alginate sodium in capacitive deionization
Research Article February 2 2021
Recycling of rural abandoned constructed wetlands: mariculture wastewater treatment
Research Article January 25 2021
Microcoagulation improved the performance of the UF–RO system treating the effluent from a coastal municipal wastewater treatment plant: a pilot-scale study
Research Article January 25 2021
Copper removal from semiconductor CMP wastewater in the presence of nano-SiO2 through biosorption
Research Article January 25 2021
Influence of light quality on Chlorella growth, photosynthetic pigments and high-valued products accumulation in coastal saline-alkali leachate
Research Article January 25 2021
Adsorption and desorption of Hg(II) from aqueous solution using magnetic Fe3O4@PPy composite microspheres
Research Article January 22 2021
Evaluation of the efficiency of a gray water treatment system based on aeration and filtration
Research Article January 5 2021
Fate and persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and genes through a multi-barrier treatment facility for direct potable reuse
Correction June 19 2020
Corrigendum: Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination 10 (1), 70–81: Removal of brilliant green (BG) from aqueous solution by using low cost biomass Salix alba leaves (SAL): thermodynamic and kinetic studies, Rashida Fiaz, Muhammad Hafeez and Rashid Mahmood, doi: 10.2166/wrd.2020.054
Research Article September 8 2014
Withdrawn: Effect of sewage sludge and rock dust on strength and workability of concrete
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