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Aims & Scope


Water Reuse focuses on all aspects of the treatment and use of non-conventional water resources. This journal publishes Review Papers, Research Papers, Short Communications and Perspectives related (but not limited) to the following topics:



  • ŸThe use of domestic and industrial wastewater, rainwater, mine water, brackish water, seawater, or other non-conventional water sources.    
  • ŸThe applications of non-conventional water resources for agriculture, industry, landscape, drinking, municipal use, and other uses.
  • ŸTreatment technology and process of non-conventional water resources, including biological, chemical, physical, natural treatment, etc.
  • ŸDesalination technology and processes.
  • ŸDisinfection and microbial risk control.
  • ŸStorage and distribution of treated non-conventional water resources.
  • Simulation, analysis, and control of the system.
  • ŸWater quality and ecological/health risk assessment of non-conventional water sources for water reuse.
  • ŸPlanning, design, operation and management of non-conventional water treatment and reuse systems.
  • ŸRegulation and policy for water quality control and water resource management that feature non-conventional water sources.
  • ŸStandards for non-conventional water treatment and use.
  • ŸEconomic, environmental, and societal aspects of non-conventional water use.



Water Reuse publishes four issues per year in March, June, September and December.

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