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Water Reuse Special Issue on:

Water Recycling and Low-Carbon Development


Water treatment and reuse is the key strategy to address the problems of water shortages. To facilitate communication and application of technology and research in water reclamation, the National Conference on Water Treatment and Reuse of China was held annually from 2017 by the Committee of Water Treatment and Reuse, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences.

The theme of the 5th conference was Water Recycling And Low-Carbon Development. The conference, held from April 16th to 18th in 2021, brought together researchers working in different areas related to water treatment and reuse from China, USA, Australia, Ireland and many other countries and regions.

In this Special Issue of Water Reuse, 10 papers were selected that focus on a certain link of water reclamation and reuse, together forming the entire chain of treatment-distribution-detection-utilization.


Editorial: Water recycling and low-carbon development

Yun-Xiao Chong, Tian-Yin Huang, Feng-Min Li, Guang-Li Liu, Qian-Yuan Wu

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): iii–iv.




Kinetics of diatrizoate degradation by ozone and the formation of disinfection by-products in the sequential chlorination

Chen-Yan Hu, Si-Cheng Ren, Yi-Li Lin, Ji-Chen Zhang, Ye-Ye Zhu, Cun Xiong, Qiang-Bin Wang

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 560–571.




Analysis on the effect of large-scale compound ecological engineering system on pollution control of the estuary of a lake

Yongbo Jiang, Xiaoyi Xu, Wei Wu, Bin Wang, Yidong Sun, Xiaobin Chen, Zhengdong Shen, Tianyin Huang

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 649–659.




Effects of mixed irrigation using brackish water with different salinities and reclaimed water on a soil-crop system

Chuncheng Liu, Bingjian Cui, Chao Hu, Haiqing Wu, Feng Gao

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 632–648.




Characterization of bacterial fluorescence: insight into rapid detection of bacteria in water

Yu Mao, Xiao-Wen Chen, Zhuo Chen, Gen-Qiang Chen, Yun Lu, Yin-Hu Wu, Hong-Ying Hu

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 621–631.




Effects of micro-flocculation pretreatment on the ultrafiltration membrane fouling caused by different dissolved organic matters in treated wastewater

Lanxin Ren, Chen Liu, Ting Meng, Yingxue Sun

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 597–609.




Water quality deterioration of reclaimed water produced by reverse osmosis process in large pilot-scale distribution systems of different pipe materials

Xiyan Xu, Yong Cui, Zhangqing Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Caifeng Li, Kanghua Yu

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 610–620.




The in situ remediation of aquaculture water and sediment by commercial probiotics immobilized on different carriers

Mengmeng Yi, Chun Wang, He Wang, Xi Zhu, Zhigang Liu, Fengying Gao, Xiaoli Ke, Jianmeng Cao, Miao Wang, Ying Liu, Maixin Lu

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 572–585.




Activation of peroxymonosulfate by CuCo2O4 nano-particles towards long-lasting removal of atrazine

Haoxiang Yin, Jun Li, Haoding Yan, Hanying Cai, Yanjian Wan, Gang Yao, Yong Guo, Bo Lai

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 542–559.




Effect of powder-activated carbon pre-coating membrane on the performance of the UF system for wastewater reclamation: a pilot-scale study

Tong Yu, Haoshuai Yin, Lihua Cheng, Xuejun Bi

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 586–596.




Photoelectrocatalytic generation of miscellaneous oxygen-based radicals towards cooperative degradation of multiple organic pollutants in water

Yurou Zhou, Guan Zhang, Jing Zou

Water Reuse (1 December 2021) 11 (4): 531–541.



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