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Water Reuse Special Issue on

Cutting-edge Research on the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Emerging Contaminants in China


Water treatment and reuse is the key strategy to address the problems of water shortages. To facilitate the communication and application of technology and research in water reclamation, the National Conference on Water Treatment and Reuse of China was held annually from 2017 by the Committee of Water Treatment and Reuse, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences.

The theme of the 7th conference was the Water Recycling and Integrated Management of Water Systems. The conference, held from 14th to 16th April 2023, brought together researchers working in different areas related to water treatment and reuse. More than 13,000 researchers from universities, institutes, and companies attended the conference.

This Special Issue of Water Reuse focuses on the prevention and control of emerging contaminants. Each of the papers focuses on a certain link of water reclamation and reuse. This Special Issue is sponsored by CSCEC Scimee Sci. &Tech. Co., Ltd. to cover the article processing charges.


Guest Editors:

Dr. Ye Du, College of Architecture & Environment, Sichuan University, China

Dr Hai-xiang Li, Guilin University of Technology, China

Dr Yun Lu, School of Environment, Tsinghua University, China

Dr Dong-bin Wei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr Wen-long Wang, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, China


Editorial: Cutting-edge research on the action plan for the prevention and control of emerging contaminants in China

Ye Du, Hai-xiang Li, Yun Lu, Dong-bin Wei, Wen-long Wang

Water Reuse jwrd2023001.




Quantitative study of biofilm yield and biomass distribution of a multi-stage moving-bed biofilm system

Ning Chen, Xiaodong Wang, Mei Huang, Zakhar Maletskyi, Harsha Ratnaweera, Xuejun Bi

Water Reuse (1 June 2023) 13 (2): 250–268.




Degradation of sulfonamide antibiotics in the rhizosphere of two dominant plants in Huixian karst wetland, Guangxi, China

Kun Dong, WuBin Wang, Min Li, Xinyu Zhou, Yutong Huang, Guozhi Zhou, Yufeng Xu, Dunqiu Wang, Hai-xiang Li

Water Reuse (1 March 2023) 13 (1): 18–32.




Fluorescence analysis for water characterization: measurement processes, influencing factors, and data analysis

Zi-Bo Jing, Wen-Long Wang, Yu-Jia Nong, Ping Zhu, Yao Lu, Qian-Yuan Wu

Water Reuse (1 March 2023) 13 (1): 33–50.




Bioremoval efficiency and metabolomic profiles of cellular responses of Chlorella pyrenoidosa to phenol and 4-fluorophenol

Min Li, Lu Ma, Yajing An, Dongbin Wei, Haijun Ma, Juanjuan Zhu, Cuiping Wang

Water Reuse (1 March 2023) 13 (1): 97–106.




Removal of antibiotics with different charges in water by graphene oxide membranes

Zimeng Liang, Xin Zhao, Weiqi Huang, Huabiao Qi, Can Wang

Water Reuse (1 June 2023) 13 (2): 220–232.




Fenton process enhanced by metal sulfide for treating the actual evaporated mother liquid of gas field wastewater

Bing Yao, Ying Chen, Mengzhe Wang, Min Liu

Water Reuse (1 June 2023) 13 (2): 193–204.




Oxidative stress, neurotoxicity, and intestinal microbial regulation after a chronic zinc exposure: an experimental study on adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Zixi Yuan, Ruixuan Li, Shuangshuang Li, Denggao Qiu, Guanyi Li, Chun Wang, Jiajia Ni, Yingxue Sun, Hongying Hu

Water Reuse (1 March 2023) 13 (1): 82–96.



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