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Water Reuse Special Issue on:

Future-Oriented Technologies and Concepts to Increase Water Availability by Water Reuse and Desalination


Sufficient supply of water of adequate quality is essential for human physical wellbeing as well as for sustainable regional development and for an intact environment. However, the pressure on available freshwater resources due to urbanization and climate change impacts is increasing worldwide, making it necessary to explore unconventional resources. Water reuse and desalination are viable options for alternative water supplies, both for classical arid regions and even for densely populated industrial areas.

However, these solutions need to be tailored to local conditions. There is increasing interest in developing new planning tools, technological solutions and approaches in this field to foster safe and economically viable water reuse and desalination applications.

The funding measure WavE is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) within the focal topic “Sustainable Water Management” as part of the framework programme “Research on Sustainable Development” and the research agenda on Green Economy. WavE is aimed at developing innovative technologies and management concepts to realize a sustainable increase in water availability.

This Special Issue brings together research on contemporary approaches to evaluate new technologies and concepts in non-potable water reuse applications, multi-barrier concepts for potable and non-potable reuse applications, concepts for industrial reuse and resource recovery approaches for brine streams, as well as onsite desalination technologies for developing communities.


Guest editors:

Prof. Dr-Ing. Jörg E. Drewes, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Dr Thomas Track, DECHEMA e.V., Germany


Editorial: Future-oriented technologies and concepts to increase water availability by water reuse and desalination

Jörg E. Drewes

Water Reuse (2020) 10 (4): 268.




Approaches for the evaluation of future-oriented technologies and concepts in the field of water reuse and desalination

Kristina Wencki, Verena Thöne, Angela Ante, Tobias Hogen, Claudia Hohmann, Felix Tettenborn, Dagmar Pohl, Philipp Preiss, Christina Jungfer

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 269–283.




Advanced processed wastewater for different uses: constellations favouring future implementation of a multimodal water reuse concept

Engelbert Schramm, Dennis Becker, Michaela Fischer

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 284–300.




Reuse of municipal wastewater for different purposes based on a modular treatment concept

Andreas Nahrstedt, Anil Gaba, Barbara Zimmermann, Timo Jentzsch, Kerstin Kroemer, Yannick Tiemann, Lajos Harsanyi, Patrick Buchta, Uli Doelchow, Jens Lipnizki, Katharina Mende, Thomas Koch, Anja Rohn

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 301–316.




Framework conditions to design sustainable business models for decentralised water treatment technologies in Viet Nam for international technology providers

Mona Fritz, Claudia Hohmann, Felix Tettenborn

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 317–331.




Assuring water quality along multi-barrier treatment systems for agricultural water reuse

Marius Mohr, Thomas Dockhorn, Jörg E. Drewes, Sybille Karwat, Susanne Lackner, Bryan Lotz, Andreas Nahrstedt, Andreas Nocker, Engelbert Schramm, Martin Zimmermann

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 332–346.




Experiences of running a hydroponic system in a pilot scale for resource-efficient water reuse

Alexa Bliedung, Thomas Dockhorn, Jörn Germer, Claudia Mayerl, Marius Mohr

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 347–362.




Water reuse in hydroponic systems: a realistic future scenario for Germany? Facts and evidence gained during a transdisciplinary research project

Martina Winker, Michaela Fischer, Alexa Bliedung, Grit Bürgow, Jörn Germer, Marius Mohr, Andreas Nink, Bea Schmitt, Arne Wieland, Thomas Dockhorn

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 363–379.




Microbiological changes along a modular wastewater reuse treatment process with a special focus on bacterial regrowth

Andreas Nocker, Lorenz Schulte-Illingheim, Hubert Müller, Anja Rohn, Barbara Zimmermann, Anil Gaba, Andreas Nahrstedt, Hooman Mohammadi, Yannick Tiemann, Kerstin Krömer

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 380–393.




In-situ fixed bed denitrification in sequential biofiltration: laboratory testing of solid substrates

Josefine Filter, Christin Bosinsky, Sefine Oksal Kilinc, Aki Sebastian Ruhl, Martin Jekel

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 394–404.




Application of a decision support tool for industrial and agricultural water reuse solutions in international case studies

Kristina Wencki, Verena Thöne, Dennis Becker, Kerstin Krömer, Isabelle Sattig, Gunnar Lischeid, Martin Zimmermann

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 405–418.




Economic evaluation of different treatment options for water reuse in industrial parks using modular cost functions

Jens Hilbig, Birte Boysen, Philipp Wolfsdorf, Karl-Ulrich Rudolph

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 419–430.




Impact assessment of water and nutrient reuse in hydroponic systems using Bayesian Belief Networks

Martin Zimmermann, Michaela Fischer

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 431–442.




Brines from industrial water recycling: new ways to resource recovery

Malena Kieselbach, Tobias Hogen, Sven-Uwe Geißen, Thomas Track, Dennis Becker, Hans-Jürgen Rapp, Joachim Koschikowski, Joachim Went, Harald Horn, Florencia Saravia, Annika Bauer, Rebecca Schwantes, Daniel Pfeifle, Nicolas Heyn, Miriam Weissroth, Bernd Fitzke

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 443–461.




Sustainable industrial wastewater reuse using ceramic nanofiltration: results from two pilot projects in the oil and gas and the ceramics industries

Matan Beery, Christian Pflieger, Marcus Weyd

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 462–474.




Economic and environmental assessment of water reuse in industrial parks: case study based on a Model Industrial Park

Birte Boysen, Jorge Cristóbal, Jens Hilbig, Almut Güldemund, Liselotte Schebek, Karl-Ulrich Rudolph

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 475–489.




Sustainability requirements of implementing water-reuse concepts for new industrial park developments in water-stressed regions

S. Bauer, A. Dell, J. Behnisch, H. J. Linke, M. Wagner

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 490–499.




Enhancement of overloaded waste stabilization ponds using different pretreatment technologies: a comparative study from Namibia

Jochen Sinn, Susanne Lackner

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 500–512.




Modular treatment of arsenic-laden brackish groundwater using solar-powered subsurface arsenic removal (SAR) and membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI) in Vietnam

U. Hellriegel, E. E. Cañas Kurz, T. V. Luong, J. Bundschuh, J. Hoinkis

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 513–526.




Waterminer – a regional spatio-temporal approach to water reuse management in mining areas in Vietnam

S. Greassidis, V. Trinh Quoc, K. Brömme, H. Stolpe

Water Reuse (1 December 2020) 10 (4): 527–534.



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