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IWA Publishing is committed to the rapid and global dissemination of our articles and books through Open Access (OA). In this way, we seek to contribute to the advancement of key water-related research. To view our complete statement on Open Access, click here.

We offer a number of different options to authors and contributors looking to publish their work OA, as either -

  • Individual chapters in an edited volume
  • Entire edited volume
  • Monograph 

All proposals are treated, from the outset, in the same way as our standard print editions and are peer reviewed to ensure we maintain the same level of high quality associated with IWA Publishing books.

All OA content is made freely available at and collated in IWA Publishing eBooks Collection (IPEC). Fully OA works are listed on the Database of Open Access Books (DOAB), OAPEN Library and Google Books. Print versions are also made available for sale on the IWA Publishing site, Amazon, and other local distributor sites.

All OA books and chapters benefit from IWA Publishing’s dedicated sales and marketing resources designed to encourage the broadest use, dissemination and impact.


Open access book publications require two types of licences:

  • An exclusive author or editor agreement giving IWAP rights to publish and disseminate the book, or a contributor agreement for individual chapters
  • A Creative Commons user licence dictating how readers can use the published book or chapter

IWA Publishing encourages authors to select CC BY, the most liberal form of license allowing for the broadest reuse and distribution of their content. For more information on other license options and complying with funding mandates, please click here.

Paying for open access

Open Access books are free for anyone to read and download, all over the world. In order to sustain this model, we charge authors a book processing charge (BPC) which covers the cost of editorial assistance, book production, indexing, and marketing. Authors interested in OA book publishing are encouraged to contact their institution or funding agency to inquire about the potential for OA support. IWA Publishing is also committed to assisting authors with potential barriers to publishing OA, so get in touch with us, as we may be able to help. All book proposals are subject to full peer review and standard processing procedures.

For a list of our BPCs, click here. IWA members receive a discount on all BPCs.

For more information on publishing your book OA with us, please contact our Book Commissioning Editor, Andrew Peart.

Why Publish Your Book Open Access?

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