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Institutional Waivers

IWA Publishing has established Read & Publish agreements with several leading institutions. If your institution is on this list, you are eligible for a full Open Access waiver. 

To qualify for the automatic waiver please ensure you have ticked all of the boxes below during submission. Scroll down for additional information on each point. 

1. Submit using your institutional e-mail account. 

If you are submitting to IWA Publishing for the first time, please register using your institutional affiliation. If you have already registered, please make sure you update your author information as in Point 2.

2. Make sure your author information is up-to-date in Editorial Manager.

This is especially important if you are already registered with IWA Publishing. In the 'Author Main Menu', click on 'Update my Information' in the menu on the top of the screen. In 'Update My Information', scroll down to the box related to 'Institution Related Information' and make sure your institution is selected in the drop-down menu for 'Institution'.


3. When you submit your manuscript, include your institutional affiliation. 

During the submission process for your manuscript, you will go through a series of pages. In the last section, titled 'Manuscript Data', make sure that you input your institutional affiliation in the 'Author' section.

4. 'Apply discounts' in the Open Access quote 

In the last step of the submission process, you'll have to option to view the charges estimate. If the institutional wavier has not been automatically applied, you can update the quote by clicking on 'Apply Discounts' and then selecting your qualifying institution from the drop-down menu. Once you have selected your institution, apply the discount by clicking on the orange 'Apply Discount' button.

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