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Publication Fees

Open Access articles are free for anyone to read and download, all over the world. To sustain this model, journal costs including editorial assistance, article production, indexing, and marketing are covered either by author charges or via our Subscribe to Open initiative. As a not-for-profit society publisher, any surplus generated by our publishing activities are rechanneled towards the charitable missions of the International Water Association; including contributions to sustainable development in a water-wise world

Open Access journals with APCs


The following journals operate under an author-pay (APC) model. Submissions are made on the understanding that, following acceptance, the APC must be paid before the paper can be published.




Article Processing Charge


H2Open Journal

$2,150 / £1,750 / €1,975


Blue-Green Systems  

$2,250 / £1,850 / €2,075


Water Reuse (previously Journal of Water Reuse & Desalination)                              

$2,250 / £1,850 / €2,075


Hydrology Research

$2,250 / £1,850 / €2,075

Institutional Agreements

IWA Publishing has established a number of institutional agreements through which author fees are covered by our institutional partners. For a list of our current institutional agreements, click here. Think your institution should be on our list, or have a question about OA funding? Get in touch.


We believe that anyone should be able to publish Open Access. As such, we are proud to partner with Research4Life and EIFL to grant waivers to authors in eligible countries. For more information on our waiver programme, see here

Open Access journals without APCs

The following journals operate under a Subscribe to Open (S2O) model. Each year, institutions, organisations and individuals contribute to our annual Open Access goal by 'subscribing' to individual journals or to the entire journal package. These S2O subscriptions allow us to waive author fees (APCs) in these journals.

To help us sustain this model and ensure that our journals can remain Open Access, individual authors can choose to support the model by contributing the cost of what would have been the journal’s APC towards an individual S2O subscription. For more information on this, contact


Water Science and Technology


Water Supply






Journal of Water and Health



Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development



Water Quality Research Journal



Journal of Water and Climate Change


Water Practice and Technology



Journal of Hydroinformatics



Water Policy


Retrospective Open Access

Under Subscribe to Open, articles submitted before but published after 1 February 2021 are made Open Access under a CC BY license and the associated author-fee is waived. Articles published in the five years prior to 1 February 2021 are free-to-read. We offer authors who have published in IWA Publishing journals prior to 1 February 2021 the opportunity to make their papers open access retrospectively. Please contact us for further details.

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