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Article Promotion

IWA Publishing supports Kudos, an author service that provides tools to help researchers maximise and monitor the impact of published articles.

If you have published an article in one of our journals you can use the service to promote your work. There is no charge for authors to register with Kudos, and once you do so you can create and track features that help aid dissemination of your work.


How it works



Once your article is published, you will receive a Kudos registration email. Following the link, you will be able to explain your article; add context via links to other content such as images and data; and share your article via social networks and e-mail. If you have published with us before and you would like to start using Kudos, you can simply sign up and start searching for your articles at Kudos - sign up here.

Kudos records when new features are added to your account and when links are shared through online and social media. This means the results of author activities are measurable, and you will be able to see the consequences of your actions in a personalised dashboard as part of your Kudos account.

Note that the full-text versions of all articles in Kudos are only available through a link to the version of record on the publisher’s site.

We’d really like to know how you get on, so please do drop us a line with your feedback.


New to Kudos: the Shareable PDF (SPDF)

Kudos has always helped researchers make work more visible, and track sharing via email, social media, blogs, posters and other places that you can share a link. Shareable PDF now enables you to track sharing in sites where you can’t share a link by itself – sites that require you to upload a PDF in order to list your work. This means you can:  

a) share with confidence – without having to worry about potential copyright violation.
b) track and compare interest in publications across the different ways you disseminate your work.
c) make the best possible decisions as to where to invest the little time available for dissemination.
Find out more about SPDFs and see FAQs here
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