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Crossmark Policy

Crossmark is a multi-publisher initiative from Crossref to provide a standard way for readers to locate the current version of a piece of content. By applying the Crossmark logo, IWA Publishing is committing to maintaining the content it publishes and to alerting readers to changes if and when they occur.

Clicking on the Crossmark logo as shown above will tell you the current status of a document (i.e. whether the article is current or whether updates have been published) and may also give you additional publication record information about the document.

Additional information about Crossmark can be found on the Crossref website.

You can see IWA Publishing's Ethical Guidance Page for information on what constitutes an issue that could cause a Retraction or Erratum. Instructions for Authors when submitting papers to any IWA Publishing Journal should also be read when submitting a manuscript to a journal. If you are an Author who believes that there is a typographical issue with your published paper should contact [email protected] with all relevant details regarding this issue; including the title of the paper, journal it is published in, the DOI, as well as information regarding the error.

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