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Why should you publish with IWA Publishing?

IWA Publishing has been publishing water related journals for over twenty years. We work closely with Water Associations around the world, which enables us to have a wide network of Editors, Reviewers and Authors. This allows us to provide quality reviews to authors that are published in world-recognised journals while also supporting the scientific community.

Editorial Office Support

IWA Publishing also has a team of dedicated Editorial Staff in the London office who will always be able to provide you with the most up to date information on both your peer review or publication status, in addition to helping with any Editorial Manager queries.

Our Production Team includes Copy Editors and Proof-Readers, who work closely with authors to achieve high publication standards for accepted papers.

Quality Reviews

All of our journals are peer reviewed using a single blind process via Aries Editorial Manager Systems. We constantly strive to make sure that we have experienced experts that cover the full spectrum of our journals.

We receive a lot of positive feedback on the quality of reviews across the journals:

“The comments from reviewers of similar research area provided alternative ways in presenting and interpreting our research work”

“The evaluation process has been interesting; it has significantly improved the scientific quality of the article. In fact, it was through this process that I was able to add other ideas in the article.”

“The review process was quick and very useful in bringing out more clarity in the concepts used in the paper”

We work hard to ensure that our reviewer pools and Journal Editorial Boards are internationally renowned.

Commitment to Data Availability

We encourage authors to make the dataset on which their paper is based available to access. Authors may upload all data related to the results reported in the manuscript as supplementary materials with the submission, or provided via a URL to a public repository. Data should be presented in a format that facilitates readability and reuse.

Where restrictions apply, submissions should be accompanied by a statement of the conditions of access and permitted reuse of the data.

Open Access

IWA Publishing has a strong Open Access Programme, which includes five journals that are fully Open Access. The rest of our journals are hybrid subscription journals, which means that you can choose to publish Open Access in these journals, but you can choose to publish in these journals with no cost to the authors.

We have partnered with Research4Life so that people from Low and Middle Income Countries have the opportunity to publish Open Access in our journals. Research4Life operates two-tiers (A and B) of waivers, so that authors from Group A, will receive a 100% discount on the cost of Open Access and Group B will receive a 50% discount on the cost of Open Access.

IWA Publishing has also created Read and Publish deals with University networks and Countries; we currently have deals in Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

No Hidden Charges

We do not have page charges, or submission fees to submit your papers for peer review. All papers are printed in colour in the online version. There is a fee for colour figures in the print versions only if requested by the authors. Supplementary material including data sets are also published online with no cost to the authors.

Promoting your Work to a Larger Audience

We invite authors to write blog posts on their published papers, where we will also use our social media channels to promote. All IWA Publishing journals are tracked by Altmetrics, which can be seen on each individual paper. The majority of our journals are listed on both Web of Science and Scopus.


Our platform now allows readers to access papers in other languages on the website, as well as having additional text-to-speech features.

Member Benefits

If your paper is accepted and you are a member of one of our partner associations, you receive a 25% discount on IWA Publishing Books, as well as a 25% discount on Open Access waivers. Please contact if you are eligible.

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