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Why should you publish with IWA Publishing?


IWA Publishing has been publishing water related journals for over twenty years. We work closely with the International Water Association which enables us to maintain a wide network of Editors, Reviewers and Authors. This network allows us to support the scientific community and provide quality reviews to authors who are published in world-recognised journals.

Open Access

Open Access is made possible for the majority of our journals through a Subscribe to Open (S2O) model. ‘Subscriptions’ from institutions, organisations and individuals allow us to waive article processing charges (APCs) for authors when publishing in our S2O journals. We also offer Read and Publish Deals and regional waivers to assist authors with paying APCs for our non-S2O journals.

For more information, please see our website:

No Hidden Charges

We do not have page charges or submission fees to submit your papers for peer review.

Editorial Office Support

IWA Publishing has a team of dedicated Editorial Staff who will always be able to provide you with the most up to date information on your publication and help with any queries during submission and peer review.

Quality Reviews

All of our journals are peer reviewed using a single blind process via Aries Editorial Manager Systems. We constantly strive to ensure that our reviewer pools and Journal Editorial Boards are internationally renowned.

We receive a lot of positive feedback on the quality of reviews across the journals:

“The comments from reviewers from a similar research area provided alternative ways of presenting and interpreting our research work.”

“The evaluation process has been interesting; it has significantly improved the scientific quality of the article. In fact, it was through this process that I was able to add other ideas in the article.”

“The review process was quick and very useful in bringing out more clarity in the concepts used in the paper.”

Commitment to Data Availability

We encourage authors to make all of the data related to their results accessible by uploading the data sets as supplementary materials with the submission, or providing a URL to a public repository.

Promoting your Work to a Wide Audience

We invite authors to write blog posts on their published papers which we will promote via our social media channels. All IWA Publishing journals are tracked by Altmetrics and the majority of our journals are listed on both Web of Science and Scopus.


IWAPonline now allows readers to access papers in other languages on the website, as well as having additional text-to-speech features.

Member Benefits

As well as being able to publish for free in the majority of our journals, if your paper is accepted and/or you are a member of the IWA, you receive a 25% discount on IWA Publishing Books. Please contact if you are eligible.

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