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Remote Access Options for Institutional Subscriptions

During the current novel coronavirus outbreak, IWA Publishing recognises that many institutions, students and professionals are working outside of their usual environment. We are dedicated to making continued access to our content as smooth as possible.

Below is our current advice for librarians to help with remote access. If you are having any access issues, please ask your librarian to look into the below. Any further questions or feedback can be sent to Annanda Levick ( 


Remote Access IPs


Please add any institutional and proxy IP ranges that might be used for remote access to the institutional account. This can be done by the account administrator on the Institutional Administration Dashboard:


Referring URLs


The account administrator can also set up a referring URL, so that users can access once logged into an existing university secure site. “Secure site” here is both “https” (as opposed to “http”) and requires authentication for the user, such as a username/password.

If a user is authenticated on your site (i.e. uses their institutional login to get to the site content), you can include a link to on one of these secure pages. Through this link, the user will be automatically authenticated to access any subscribed content on the institutional account. 

To do this, the institutional administrator should:

  • Log into the Institutional Administration Dashboard (
  • Go to "Access Options"
  • Under "Referring URL(s) for this institution, select "Add a New URL"
  • A pop-up will open – add the URL of the secure page on your site that users will be accessing from and save change

  • The chosen referring URL must be unique for your institution
  • Referring URLs can include basic domain (i.e. or with forward-slash variants (i.e., so long as the user must be authenticated to access.
  • Please do not list a basic domain and any variants as referring URLs as the variants will be evaluated as duplicates and will not grant access.
  • Referring URLs must not be URL-encoded and must contain characters as they are displayed to the user, e.g. “ Your Subscription”, not “”

Please contact Annanda Levick ( if you are having access problems and we will endeavour to help you as quickly as possible.

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