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This collection compiles papers from the 15th International Conference on Wetland Systems (ICWS), which were published after review in the journals WST, WS and WPT. This IWA Specialist Group Conference took place 4-9 September 2016 in Gdansk, Poland.

  • Evaluation of unclogging aspects in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 3-Aug-2016

  • Using numerical simulation of a one stage vertical flow wetland to optimize the depth of a zeolite layer

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 28-Nov-2016

  • Which plants are needed for a French vertical-flow constructed wetland under a tropical climate?

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 4-Feb-2017

  • The role of constructed wetlands for biomass production within the water-soil-waste nexus

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 22-Feb-2017

  • Survey on number and size distribution of treatment wetlands in Austria

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 25-Feb-2017

  • Seasonal variation of microbial community for the treatment of tail water in constructed wetland

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 1-Mar-2017

  • Supporting constructed wetlands in P removal efficiency from surface water

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 3-Mar-2017

  • Assessment of the technological reliability of a hybrid constructed wetland for wastewater treatment in a mountain eco-tourist farm in Poland

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 9-Mar-2017

  • Energy capture and nutrients removal enhancement through a stacked constructed wetland incorporated with microbial fuel cell

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 21-Mar-2017

  • Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket and aerated constructed wetlands for swine wastewater treatment: a pilot study

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 27-Mar-2017

  • Large scale application of French reed beds: municipal wastewater treatment for a 20,000 inhabitant's town in Moldova

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 29-Mar-2017

  • Treatment of a mixed wood preservative leachate by a hybrid constructed wetland and a willow planted filter

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 4-Apr-2017

  • Sewage sludge and waterworks sludge stabilization in sludge treatment reed bed systems

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 13-Apr-2017

  • The use of constructed wetlands for the treatment and reuse of urban wastewater for the irrigation of two warm-season turfgrass species under Mediterranean climatic conditions

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 18-Apr-2017

  • Constructed wetland integrated microbial fuel cell system: looking back, moving forward

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 18-Apr-2017

  • Removal of phosphorus using suspended reactive filters (SRFs) – efficiency and potential applications

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 19-May-2017

  • Norwegian study on microbial source tracking for water quality control and pollution removal in constructed wetland treating catchment run-off

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 19-May-2017

  • Non-equilibrium model for solute transport in differently designed biofilters targeting agricultural drainage water

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 25-May-2017

  • Difficulties and modifications in the use of available methods for hydraulic conductivity measurements in highly clogged horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 7-June-2017

  • CE Marking and declaration of conformity for constructed wetlands for up to 50 PT built in series exemplary explained with the initial type test of the treatment efficiency performance

    Journal Article | Water Science and Technology Date: 13-Jun-2017

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