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We’re proud to announce that from 2021, we’ll be making our journals free for everyone to access through a Subscribe to Open (S2O) model, increasing the impact of water and wastewater publishing around the world.

To make this happen, we’re asking institutions, businesses and individuals to continue to subscribe to our journals via S2O to ensure our sustainability through this collaborative APC-free Open Access model.

With your help, IWA Publishing will become the first fully Open Access society publisher in the field of water and wastewater.

How to support this:

From extensive feedback from academic institutions, development bodies, and both government and private organisations around the world, we are highly conscious of the need to share best practice in water publishing. This is particularly important in developing countries where budgets have not previously allowed subscriptions, but where the need for better water and wastewater policy is acute.

By Subscribing to Open, everyone benefits – we’ll all be able to access all our other journals, without restriction.

Pricing available here.

To Subscribe to Open, please email your request to

For any queries on access levels or Subscribe to Open in general, please contact Open Access Publisher Sara Bosshart:

About Subscribe to Open:

Subscribe to Open converts subscriber-only access to our journals to open access using existing library relationships and subscription purchases.

Institutions and individuals that already know and value IWA Publishing content will continue to subscribe. There are no article processing charges or other additional costs. As long as subscription revenues are maintained, the year’s journals will be published open access and up to five years’ historical content will be made freely available.

If levels of subscription are insufficient, the journals will remain gated access. Thus, Subscribe to Open is a subscription offering. Non-subscribing institutions or organsiations that regularly access the open access titles will be invited to become subscribers.

The process:

  1. Customers are invoiced for journals in the Subscribe to Open program, processed in the same way as their regular subscription.
  2. If all customers commit to Subscribe to Open, all journal content will be published open access and the paywall on all previous volumes for the last five years will be removed, as of Jan 1st 2021.
  3. If some customers do not participate in Subscribe to Open, journal content will not be opened. Institutions that desire access to the journal must then subscribe to the gated journal at the regular subscription price.

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