This paper examines the status of water and sanitation conditions in the residential suburbs of Aligarh city. The study is mainly based on primary sources of data collected through field/household surveys with the help of questionnaire interviews. Data was collected from 996 households living in 66 developed residential colonies. The services were categorized into three levels (standards), level 1 (basic), level 2 (intermediate) and level 3 (higher), to assess their standard. The standard score additive model has been used to arrive at a Composite Mean Standard Index (CMSI). The average value of CMSI of water and sanitation were calculated and further categorized into four levels, high, moderate, low and very low, for the purpose of planning. Maps were prepared accordingly. Results have shown that colonies located along the main roads have a high level of water and sanitation facilities compared with the colonies located along the wedges of two roads.

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