Development of a four hazard-specific toolkit (drought, flood, landslide and chronic kidney diseases of unknown aetiology) for needs and vulnerability assessment in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector included community consultations with district, divisional and community stakeholders in four selected districts of Sri Lanka, which are highly prone to the respective hazards. Existing global WASH tools such as sphere and global WASH cluster indicators are contextualized, and the toolkit covers three different displacement scenarios: no displacement, temporary displacement (short and medium term), and camp-based displacement. This toolkit focuses on four key sections of WASH: water supply, sanitation, waste management and control, and hygiene practices and promotion. The toolkit consists of a set of indicators in the areas of WASH that are relevant to the selected scenario in the Sri Lankan context for the specific hazard, a checklist for initial and rapid assessment before and after disasters, and some guide notes for the field works.

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