The effects of Moringa oleifera seed extracts' deterioration and preservation on turbidity removal efficiency were studied. Trona was used as a preservative in the enhancement of the extract's shelf life. An average value of 92.30% was observed at the Moringa oleifera seed extracts' dosage of 800 mg/L as the highest average turbidity removal for all the extracts, while the least value 82.16% was observed at a dosage of 320 mg/L. The fresh preserved Moringa oleifera seed extract had a value of 95.18% as the highest average percentage turbidity removal against all the extracts for all dosages, while the plain extract had the lowest average percentage turbidity removal value of 74.93%. It was observed also that even though the preserved extract was the most consistent in turbidity removal (overall variance of 1.25), the fresh preserved extract had the overall highest performance. However, the difference in overall performance between the two was only marginal, while substantial difference was observed between the plain extract and the fresh plain extract.

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