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Review Article October 21 2020
Temporal analysis of water, sanitation, and hygiene data from knowledge, attitudes, and practices surveys in the protracted humanitarian crisis in Myanmar
Research Article October 20 2020
Implementation of point-of-use water treatment methods in a rural Tanzanian community: a case study
Research Article October 19 2020
Impact of community health promoters on awareness of a rural social marketing program, purchase and use of health products, and disease risk, Kenya, 2014–2016
Research Article October 19 2020
Performance evaluation of anoxic–oxic–anoxic processes in illuminated biofilm reactor (AOA-IBR) treating septic tank effluent
Research Article October 14 2020
Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) conditions and prevalence of office visits due to anemia: a regional-level analysis from Peru
Research Article October 14 2020
Immediate influences of hygiene education sessions on handwashing behaviors of selected Nepali students
Research Article October 13 2020
Backpack use as an alternative water transport method in Kisumu, Kenya
Research Article October 8 2020
Longitudinal study of microbial load of drinking water and seasonal variation of water quality at the point of use in food establishments of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Research Article October 7 2020
When is shared sanitation acceptable in low-income urban settlements? A user perspective on shared sanitation quality in Kumasi, Kisumu and Dhaka
Research Article October 6 2020
Sanitation dynamics: toilet acquisition and its economic and social implications in rural and urban contexts
Research Article October 5 2020
Use of group maturity index to measure growth, performance, and sustainability of community health clubs in urban water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program in Zimbabwe
Research Article October 5 2020
Life-cycle costs approach for private piped water service delivery: a study in rural Viet Nam
Research Article October 5 2020
On-site sanitation density and groundwater quality: evidence from remote sensing and in situ observations in the Thiaroye aquifer, Senegal
Research Article September 23 2020
Improving the hydrological performance of a rainwater for drinking (RFD) system at a rural hospital in Vietnam
Research Article September 19 2020
Users are willing to pay for sanitation, but not as much as they say: empirical results and methodological comparisons of willingness to pay for peri-urban sanitation in Lusaka, Zambia using contingent valuation, discrete choice experiments, and hedonic pricing
Research Article September 16 2020
Septage composition and pollution fluxes from cesspits in Palestine
Reviewer’s Choice September 16 2020
WASH and Gender: a critical review of the literature and implications for gender-transformative WASH research
Reviewer’s Choice September 7 2020
Review of frameworks and tools for urban strategic sanitation planning: considering technology innovations and sustainability
Research Article September 1 2020
Estimating averting expenditure in domestic water use: evidence from Ghana
Research Article August 28 2020
Chlorine disinfection against Legionella pneumophila biofilms
Research Article August 26 2020
Fertilizer effect of composted sewage sludge and cattle manure on Pelargonium growth
Commentary August 21 2020
Impact of alum pretreatment on biosand filter performance: reply to Dorea's commentary on Curry et al. (2020) article
Commentary August 18 2020
Impact of alum pretreatment on biosand filter performance: a commentary on Curry et al. (2020)
Research Article August 6 2020
Understanding water demand and usage in Mandalay city, Myanmar as a basis for resetting tariffs
Research Article August 5 2020
Expanding safe fecal sludge management in Kisumu, Kenya: an experimental comparison of latrine pit-emptying services
Research Article July 20 2020
Unpacking piped water consumption subsidies: Who benefits? New evidence from 10 countries
Research Article June 1 2020
Interaction of village and school latrines on educational outcomes in India
Research Article May 19 2020
Does payment by results work? Lessons from a multi-country WASH programme
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