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Research Article January 11 2021
Understanding values of sanitation users: examining preferences and behaviors for sanitation systems
Research Article January 5 2021
Spatial arrangement of well and latrine and their influence on water quality in clayey soil – a study in low-income peri-urban neighborhoods in Lichinga, Mozambique
Research Article January 4 2021
Water, sanitation and hygiene coverage and practices of a semi-arid county in the Eastern Region of Kenya
Research Article December 30 2020
Status of sustainable sanitation chain in rural, semi-urban, and urban regions: a case study of Maharashtra, India
Research Article December 30 2020
Does poor mental health change the influence of interventions on handwashing in a vulnerable population of rural Malawi? The key role of emotions
Research Article December 30 2020
What factors determine the technical performance of community-managed rural water systems in the middle hills of Nepal?
Review Article December 30 2020
Rapid evidence assessment of the impacts of sewerage, drainage, and piped water chlorination in urban settings of low- and middle-income countries
Research Article December 29 2020
Association between water, sanitation, and hygiene practices (WASH) and anthropometric nutritional status among selected under-five children in rural Noakhali, Bangladesh: a cross-sectional analysis
Research Article December 29 2020
Freshwater requirement to attain open-defecation-free status in Nigeria by 2025
Research Article December 29 2020
Hand hygiene innovation for low income households in India
Research Article December 29 2020
Improving students' knowledge of puberty and menstruation in rural Zimbabwe: an evaluation of Sesame Workshop's Girl Talk program
Research Article December 28 2020
Potential of ceramic and biosand water filters as low-cost point-of-use water treatment options for household use in Nigeria
Research Article December 21 2020
An assessment of availability of handwashing facilities in households from four East African countries
Research Article December 21 2020
Water quality status of groundwater and municipal water supply (tap water) from Bagmati river basin in Kathmandu valley, Nepal
Research Article December 15 2020
Household levels of deprivation to WaSH and residential conditions in slum settlements of Lagos, Nigeria
Research Article December 9 2020
Understanding the role of informal pit emptiers in sanitation in Nairobi through case studies in Mukuru and Kibera settlements
Research Article December 2 2020
Assessing water service performances in rural sub-Saharan Africa environment: The cases studies of two councils of the southern and eastern regions of the Republic of Cameroon (Central Africa)
Research Article December 1 2020
Influence of multiple uses of water on the sustainability of communally-managed rural water supply systems in Zimbabwe
Research Article November 25 2020
Modelling behavioural change from sea-based ‘helicopter latrines’ to land-based shared improved latrines in the Demaan, Jepara, Indonesia
Research Article November 20 2020
Participatory analysis of sustainable land and water management practices for integrated rural development in Myanmar
Research Article November 18 2020
Urine treatment by solar disinfection for agriculture reuse purpose in a poor rural context: case of Burkina Faso
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