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Research Article April 22 2021
Integrated control of rivers and ponds water as an exposure source to urogenital schistosomiasis of rural inhabitants in southern Taraba State, Nigeria
Research Article April 19 2021
Treatment of drinking water for rural households using Moringa seed and solar disinfection
Research Article April 12 2021
Field demonstration of breathable laminate-lined container-based toilets in Kanpur, India
Review Article April 9 2021
Legacy 1,2,3-trichloropropane contamination: a systematic review of treatments
Research Article April 9 2021
Evaluation of water, sanitation and hygiene status of COVID-19 healthcare facilities in Ghana using the WASH FIT approach
Research Article April 7 2021
Virulence associated factors in bacteria from water bodies in Belém, Pará, Brazil: bacteriological composition and threat to public health
Review Article April 2 2021
Improved and promising fecal sludge sanitizing methods: treatment of fecal sludge using resource recovery technologies
Research Article March 31 2021
An association between water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and prevalence of trachoma in Monze district of Southern Province, Zambia
Research Article March 31 2021
Classifying household water use into indoor and outdoor use from a rudimentary data set: a case study in Johannesburg, South Africa
Research Article March 29 2021
Prevalence of water-borne diseases in western India: dependency on the quality of potable water and personal hygiene practices
Research Article March 18 2021
Social outcomes of a community-based water, sanitation and hygiene intervention
Research Article March 16 2021
Monitoring of water and sanitation services within an integrated decentralised monitoring system: experiences from Ghana
Research Article March 16 2021
Hand hygiene and safety behaviours at shopping centres in COVID-19: an observation in Wa township in Ghana
Research Article March 15 2021
Methods for estimating quantities and qualities (Q&Q) of faecal sludge: field evaluation in Sircilla, India
Research Article March 8 2021
Assessment of microbiological and physico-chemical characterıstics of water samples in households of Bangalore city, Karnataka, India
Research Article March 1 2021
The cultural economy of human waste reuse: perspectives from peri-urban Karnataka, India
Research Article February 27 2021
Physical properties of menstrual hygiene waste as feedstock for onsite disposal technologies
Research Article February 26 2021
An evaluation of water, sanitation, and hygiene status and household assets and their associations with soil-transmitted helminthiasis and reported diarrhea in Nueva Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Research Article February 22 2021
Effectiveness of solar disinfection for household water treatment: an experimental and modeling study
Research Article December 30 2020
Does poor mental health change the influence of interventions on handwashing in a vulnerable population of rural Malawi? The key role of emotions
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