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Research Article November 12 2019
Process of developing education material on water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) and diarrhoea prevention and testing its acceptability among tribal mothers
Research Article October 31 2019
Lessons learned from the national sanitation campaign in Njombe district council, Tanzania
Research Article October 23 2019
Investigation into untreated greywater reuse practices by suburban households under the threat of intermittent water supply
Research Article October 22 2019
Barriers and opportunities for behavior change in managing high water demand in water scarce Indigenous communities: an Australian perspective
Research Article October 21 2019
Factors associated with the practice of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) among the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
Research Article October 9 2019
Spatiotemporal hydrochemical variations in river water in the Qilian Mountains and their sources: a case study of the Binggou River Basin
Research Article October 9 2019
Quality of water sources in Southwestern Uganda using the compartment bag test (CBT): a cross-sectional descriptive study
Research Article October 3 2019
Hygiene practices of mothers of hospitalized neonates at a tertiary care neonatal intensive care unit in Zambia
Research Article October 1 2019
Underrepresented groups in WaSH – the overlooked role of chemical toxicants in water and health
Research Article September 20 2019
Suitability of fecal sludge from composting toilets as feedstock for carbonization
Research Article September 16 2019
Global water access fund: a new idea to bridge operations and maintenance shortfalls for the poorest water utilities
Research Article September 9 2019
Protozoan pathogens Blastocystis and Giardia spp. in roof-harvested rainwater: the need to investigate the role of the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) and other potential sources of zoonotic transmission
Research Article August 29 2019
Performance of black ceramic water filters and their implementation in rural Ecuador
Research Article August 19 2019
Sisal fiber as an alternative to the construction of flexible fiber filters applied to water treatment
Research Article August 16 2019
Improving environmental sanitation in the catchment area of Benya Lagoon, Ghana: the non-household stakeholder role and participation dimension
Research Article July 30 2019
Pipe enlargement to satisfy concentration-time product for in-system disinfection in a water distribution system
Research Article July 29 2019
Knowledge and perception of the role of water, sanitation and hygiene in containment of Ebola virus disease among secondary school students in Ibadan, Nigeria
Research Article July 24 2019
Nexus between sanitation and groundwater quality: case study from a hard rock region in India
Research Article June 18 2019
Assessment of bacterial diversity in western Accra, Ghana, drinking water samples
Research Article June 14 2019
Determinants of microbiological quality of drinking water in refugee camps and host communities in Gambella Region, Ethiopia
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