Jordan is located in an arid to semi-arid zone where water resources are limited. The threat of water shortages is already a reality and Jordan is struggling to face the scarcity of water. The north-eastern Badia semi-desert (zone) of the Kingdom is a large area with a small population. Constructing a dam can boost the local economy by supplying the water necessary for a community to meet its irrigation needs and develop the study area. In this study, ArcGIS software using a digital elevation model (DEM) map was utilized to determine possible sites where rainwater can be collected in north-eastern Badia. Possible watersheds were delineated using drainage networks. Seven sub-watersheds were characterized hydrologically by developing unit hydrographs, and water volume capacity was computed. Moreover, possible sites for earthen dams or tanks for water harvesting systems were investigated in different areas of Jordan. Rainwater harvesting could make water available during dry periods and its capture can also reduce soil erosion from runoff during wet periods.

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