This article proposes a Postmodern Sanitation concept, based on discussions such as what is necessary to solve the world's current sanitation issues and what are the limitations of the current sanitation concept. The proposed policies of the Postmodern Sanitation concept are: (1) to discuss a sanitation value chain that creates and adds value to human excreta, and products made from human excreta, and build a sanitation business model to drive this sanitation value chain; (2) to design a sanitation business model focusing on incentives for individual toilet users; (3) to analyze current users' value chains to find available potential resources; (4) to connect these potential sanitation resources to the next value chain; (5) to make a financial plan based on market analysis of sanitation products; and (6) to find and organize facilitating organizations to support the individual toilet users' businesses. This concept was applied in the case of a rural area in Burkina Faso, and an agro-sanitation business model was designed based on material flow analysis and value chain analysis.

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