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Editorial March 4 2021
Editorial Important news about this journal
Research Article March 3 2021
Profitability improvement of a reservoir power station based on virtual reservoir bidding
Research Article February 26 2021
Role of city collaboration networks in the acceleration and attenuation of integrated water management
Research Article February 24 2021
Concentration of water use permit and volume-based fees in Ceará, Brazil
Research Article February 24 2021
Assessment and reform of greywater reuse policies and practice: a case study from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Research Article February 12 2021
Decomposing drivers of changes in productive and domestic water use based on the logarithmic mean Divisia index method: a regional comparison in Northern China
Research Article February 12 2021
Water policy and regional economic development: evidence from Henan province, China
Research Article February 1 2021
Demand for environmental quality: averting behaviors impacts and valuation in Southern Ghana
Research Article January 28 2021
A review on water governance in Sri Lanka: the lessons learnt for future water policy formulation
Research Article January 28 2021
Impact of legislation on olive mill wastewater management: Jordan as a case study
Research Article January 21 2021
Adoption of a multiple use water system (MUWS) to ensure water security for Nepalese hill farmers
Research Article January 20 2021
Optimization of water productivity in Bhagwanpur distributary command of India employing TLBO and cuckoo search algorithms
Research Article January 19 2021
Public health without water? Emergency water supply and minimum supply standards of hospitals in high-income countries using the example of Germany and Austria
Research Article January 19 2021
Identifying diverging sustainability meanings for water policy: a Q-method study in Phoenix, Arizona
Correction November 13 2020
Erratum: Water Policy 22 (5), 943–959: Neighbour effect: applicability of tax mimicking concept to setting tariffs for water provision in Poland, Julita Łukomska and Paweł Swianiewicz, doi:10.2166/wp.2020.018
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