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Research Article November 25 2020
Irrigation water pricing policies and water resources management
Research Article November 24 2020
Socio-political processes must be emphasised alongside climate change and urbanisation as key drivers of urban water insecurity
Research Article November 20 2020
Climate-water governance: a systematic analysis of the water sector resilience and adaptation to combat climate change in Pakistan
Correction November 13 2020
Erratum: Water Policy 22 (5), 943–959: Neighbour effect: applicability of tax mimicking concept to setting tariffs for water provision in Poland, Julita Łukomska and Paweł Swianiewicz, doi:10.2166/wp.2020.018
Research Article November 13 2020
Tracing the past: an insight on flood risk management strategies in the development instruments of Bangladesh and Dhaka city
Research Article November 13 2020
An analysis of the influences of groundwater level changes on the frost heave and mechanical properties of trapezoidal channels
Research Article November 13 2020
Water prices: persistence, mean reversion and trends
Research Article November 13 2020
Reducing water withdrawals: the negotiation and implementation of environmental policy in the Durance River Basin, France
Research Article November 13 2020
Energy audit in water supply systems: a proposal of integrated approach towards energy efficiency
Research Article November 11 2020
Regional difference of water use in a significantly unbalanced developing region
Research Article November 4 2020
What SDG6 is about: ‘Sustainable management’ or ‘rational use’?
Research Article November 4 2020
Efficiency and viability of drip method of irrigation in groundnut cultivation: an empirical analysis from South India
Research Article November 3 2020
The connectivity dilemma in freshwater management: exploring the role of street level bureaucrats in water governance
Research Article November 3 2020
Upstream-downstream linkages in Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin: the hydro-social imperatives
Research Article November 2 2020
Hydrological and water balance studies to evaluate options for climate resilience in smallholder irrigation systems in Sri Lanka
Research Article October 30 2020
Nepal–India water cooperation: consequences of mutuality or hegemony?
Research Article October 27 2020
The potential for adaptive water governance on the US–Mexico border: application of the OECD's water governance indicators to the Rio Grande/Bravo basin
Research Article October 22 2020
Water-resource stress on the Spanish Costa del Sol: policy requirements to improve supply security
Research Article October 20 2020
Evaluating two GIS-based semi-distributed hydrological models in the Bhagirathi-Alkhnanda River catchment in India
Research Article September 24 2020
Two-level games on the trans-boundary river Indus: obstacles to cooperation
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