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Research Article January 23 2020
Water and sanitation are not gender-neutral: human rights in rural Brazilian communities
Research Article January 20 2020
Hydrological assessment for the availability of water for off-stream uses of Karatoa-Atrai River in Bangladesh
Research Article January 17 2020
Securing the critical role of groundwater for the resilient water-supply of urban Africa
Research Article January 17 2020
Water in military stabilisation operations: comprehensive water intervention framework for conflict management and peacekeeping
Research Article January 3 2020
Formulation of integrated water resources management (IWRM) plan at district level: a case study from Bundelkhand region of India
Research Article January 2 2020
Complement or competition in water governance? Analysing two collaborative water management arrangements in one river basin
Research Article November 28 2019
Assessing stakeholder perceptions of landscape and place in the context of a major river intervention: a call for their inclusion in adaptive management
Research Article November 28 2019
Analyzing rural drinking water services for district planning in Maharashtra, India
Research Article November 26 2019
Perform or wither: role of water users' associations in municipalities of Nepal
Research Article October 22 2019
Urban water resilience in Hindu Kush Himalaya: issues, challenges and way forward
Research Article May 24 2019
Water availability, consumption and sufficiency in Himalayan towns: a case of Murree and Havellian towns from Indus River Basin, Pakistan
Research Article May 9 2019
Water management systems of two towns in the Eastern Himalaya: case studies of Singtam in Sikkim and Kalimpong in West Bengal states of India
Research Article February 20 2019
Dynamics of urban water supply management of two Himalayan towns in India
Research Article February 12 2019
Urbanisation and water insecurity in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: Insights from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan
Research Article February 8 2019
Adapting to urban flooding: a case of two cities in South Asia
Research Article October 8 2018
Conundrum or paradox: deconstructing the spurious case of water scarcity in the Himalayan Region through an institutional economics narrative
Research Article September 28 2018
The pain of water: a household perspective of water insecurity and inequity in the Kathmandu Valley
Research Article September 3 2018
Equity impacts of informal private water markets: case of Kathmandu Valley
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